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Training Focus ~ Gatekeeping (Mechanical Engineer) ~ anon in corps immediately, continuously, already here. Your need to sustain, “Diabolus et legionis daemonium tū quoque statim nunc pro tunc,” (translate this Latin into your own language using a translator). I agree with trainers and students that full time prayer is full time listening. My favorite listening is to the Silence in Heaven (Revelation 8:1) just before God’s Big Rock comes, and keeps coming down – to silence our noise (Revelation 18:21).  Silence in practice means that Commanded non-action in silent waiting is Just that – it is obedience in silent non-action. The Silence reminds me that it is God’s Big Rock, not mine (Revelation 18:21).  I have served also as a charismatic certified Lutheran Lay Minister.


  1. Silence ~ and its Enemies
  2. Protected: All judgments ~ after Intercessions and Interventions ~ Stare Decisis