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Training Focus – Research in Mathematics (PhD) ~ teaching and research as a visiting scholar and faculty in various universities and government agencies ~ design contributor for programs teaching math to gifted high school students ~ on this forum to design measures to test for effects of full-time intercession and to measure results of our work in the field for ‘on earth’ results ~ especially measures to test the claims of charismatics and Pentecostals ~ I am Pentecostal and a member of a local Assemblies of God church ~ but I “test all things” and do not settle for say-anything claims ~ see the “measure of faith” essay in the bio page ~ “God has the Big Book of Numbers and all the Beautiful Proofs.”


  1. AI1-SM – Case Management Software
  2. BF774 – Degrees of Influence – God’s Big Book of “Numbers
  3. Case 36062539-942D-43FC-BEE7-28601AE19117 – Smartphone video of In-Public Exorcism and HIPAA Standards?
  4. Technical – 1) Just Do the Work Today, 2) Talk About the Work After Doing It – HIPAA, Confidentiality, Database Reporting Needs
  5. Technical – Love is the Ontogenetic Source of Trust – by Micheal, and Celie∞Hilbert
  6. The old ride of the old Vice ~ failed humility at the Devil’s rodeo