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Michael (M.D.)

Training Focus – Medical Missions ~ SSO CMMB, practice in U.S. and missions outside U.S. Health and medical effects of prayer, charity, and mutual aid. Peritus advisor in exorcisms to diagnose difficult and very difficult, sometimes impossible differences between medical conditions and demonic influences. The logo is a medical graph for a model of disease and mutation convergence into healing in the Wheel of Life. The Wheel of Life also models divergence away from healing into sickness and death. The Wheel of Life is spinning with wheels within wheels – for life or death. Medical reviewer of thousands of cases of true and false faith healings, and true and false spiritual liberations. What is your prayer? (additional bio in KP).



  1. All Strong Men come Forward ~ to the front of the aircraft
  2. Purpose ~ Mission Impossible
  3. Purposes in Detail ~ impossible missions in detail ~ details about us, teams, locations, missions, mandatory impossible prerequisites
  4. Protected: Table of Severity ~ Disorder Severity in DSM‐5 ~ All Afflictions, Conditions, Disorders


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