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Another big church gets napalmed by “Big Fire” in Court:





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T.J. (Jurist)

Training Focus ~ semi-retired judge ~ free to hand pick court cases and devote rest of my time to spiritual mentoring ~ mentoring agency professionals, law enforcement, others in government in spiritual discernment ~  mentoring some full-time students from churches that send people to court to pray silently ~ mentoring former guilty parties coming to Redemption ~ training is in full time prayer into judgments ~ judgments to bless Good everywhere ~ judgments to cause catastrophe to evil in “pay every penny” restorative judgments (Luke 12:59, Matthew 5:26) ~ judge for Tender Mercies never strained in chances to start Life again.  Participating in new legal trend of out of court settlements using private arbitration and private settlement agreements for churches and clergy sued or threatened with lawsuits for malpractice (especially botched exorcisms), for failing to refer troubled subjects to counseling as a compliment to valid pastoral care, and for false, immature, and shallow self-promotional claims of faith healing that have made medical conditions worse and sometimes led to death.  My special desire is lovingly to educate fallen clergy, help them in correct techniques of cooperation, and restore mistaken and sued clergy back to pastoral ministry with new Hope, Mercy, and the Wisdom that is Calling in the Streets.  We are all under Grace.

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