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Is this split reality by agreement?

How can some humans located in split reality maintain choice and agency even to the point of agreement to stay inside the split reality, while other humans have no choice and no apparent agency and appear as functional zombies in a quiet and peaceful state and without any of the troubles and torments that Michael (M.D) and Dr. Gallagher describe as features in the presentations of symptoms?

Michael and Dr. Gallagher suggest plotting this paradox as an intersection, ∩, in  a perimeteral mode of existence.   This mapping is a part of our mandatory introduction to the simplest forms of modal logic.  The modal logic is easy enough and useful.   The questions below are not a complaint against this part of our learning.

Michael and Dr. Gallagher suggest that a non-medical observer who is trained to observe at this fine level of detail can aid and assist a medical doctor, a counselor, an exorcist and psychiatrist (like Dr. Gallagher) in our testimonies that describe fine details about observed symptoms, toward a diagnosis.  They say we can help,  and more than we know.

If this is an intersection (∩) in modes due to a perimeteral mode, and is not a phase state as a function of time, since phases regularly are time states in patient-subject histories suffering any malady,  then what human agency causes or cooperates to cause the change in phase as a function of time, or instead, to cause a change as a non-time mode in a plane of existence that we have been taught to observe?

There is a practical value in helping people out of maladies,  but we are being asked to plot this value as a function of human agency, choice.

What is this?  How do we do our part?

Inigo auto-da-fé (SJ) and T.J. (Jurist) both introduced us to 500 phase states of matter.

They said these 500 states are measures of complexity in legion states as legion manifestations.

Both of them have taught us that we miss all the early and subtle warning signs.  They gave sample testimonies to illustrate the subtle signs that we miss, but that can be observed with training.  They both taught us for now in our introductions at these early stages not to consider ‘entanglement’ because entangled properties and states are more confusing than helpful.

This strong warning against jumping too soon to entanglement came most helpfully as we read together, Dr. Gallagher’s book, Demonic Foes: My Twenty-Five Years as a Psychiatrist Investigating Possessions, Diabolic Attacks, and the Paranormal.

We are to stay closer to mechanical functions.  We are to watch observable systems.  We are to use our ordinary senses.  Exactly as in the training video.  Followed by our outings on the streets.  Inigo auto-da-fé (SJ) and T.J. (Jurist)  pressed us to see ordinary mechanics at levels of our ordinary senses, as modes of agency.

I am stuck.

What is the function of human agency?  Where is human agency?  If human agency is isolated outside of time, so there is no agency that changes phase-states, and if we are confined to some weird intersection at the mechanical perimeters of split realities in the mandatory training video we watched, and in the impossible street exercises that we did together, then okay.

Under these fair, but very hard limits, I still cannot find human agency?

Now, thanks to all this training, we are looking at functional zombies, in quiet and peaceful states, without any of the troubles and torments that Michael (M.D) and Dr. Gallagher describe as features that demand compassion, and are features in the presentations of symptoms?  I do not even know how to frame questions about agency? – choice? – and agreement? – in this plane of existence in the first place?

@ Dylan Carnegie Mellon (Registered Residency Student)

NOTE by T.J. (Jurist) — see the important study and prayer note, down below.

I am not going to try and rescue Dylan and Martin 95, below.

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Both of these students ask very hard questions.

Dylan and Martin 95 have already worked hands-on in a half-score of these very hard cases. They have observed severe symptoms. They have faced physical threats. They have been in danger of bodily harm.

They have been in it in armies of Davids.

As noted in the header, this is about Pure Inductive Learning.

Perhaps not pure enough for purists of induction.

Plenty Pure enough for here and now.

Life dumps a sewer load of confusion on us – while we watch others’ suffering.

We are not sure where to look up any source of objective help.

We sense that objective teaching or objective peers may help us from the outside.

We are stuck inside our known and practiced vocations.  We can be isolated from the scriptures that we have loved.

We get shot into these inductive experiences.  Even if we feel that some teaching ‘out there’ might help us sort these messes out, we are not sure where to find it.

Help can feel more and more ‘way out there.’

In the case of our favorite scriptures that we have long loved, we are not sure which scriptures apply,  how, and in what limits?  Because the scriptures expressly tell us that God will do and allow things that are not even written in the scriptures, and since we do not know what we are observing here and now,  we wonder how, how much, and just which beloved scriptures might help us at all?  And when?

Or, are all the thousands of scriptures telling about one human failure after another human, are those the scriptures that are for us?

Pure inductive learning is the most difficult and most time and resource consuming mode of learning.  With Legions of Difficulties.

The bottomless of this pit is that we do not even know which lessons we are supposed to learn.

Induction is the one mode most tempting us to quit – to see life as nothing more than taking a beating.  Over and again.

Job’s wife said to Job, “curse God and die” (Job 2:9)


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QH447 – Map of 4,246 Microorganisms Found in Subways all around the World ~ @ Martin 95 (Registered Residency Student)

Happy days for subway riders, a wearable SmartPhone map of microorganisms found in subways all around the world.

Data collected by over 900 scientist and volunteers.

Did the scientists brave the subways to swab? Or send in the volunteers?  How many extra microorganisms did they introduce into our beloved subways?


The good news is that subways have only 4,246 species of microorganisms, two-thirds bacteria, most of the rest fungi, a few viruses sprinkled in, just to keep us guessing about novel virus mutations.

Or,  ‘unknown.’

Isn’t that fun?


Imagine all the recreational sex that 4,246 species of microorganisms are having with us?

Is Greenland the place on that map to be?

Should we move our prayer headquarters to Greenland?

@ Martin 95 (Registered Residency Student)

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