New UFO Commission ~ Space Aliens ~ Extraterrestrials

See, The US Military Keeps Spotting UFOs With Inexplicable Capabilities (Forbes).

I cannot develop this in full today.

I agree and disagree with some of my traditionalist Catholic friends.

I agree that this UFO attention is sensationalist distraction.

I disagree because the deeper purposes are manifold, not mere distraction.  A few of the manifold purposes of UFO scares are to raise taxes in order to tax us further into the Great Reset, to increase Big Brother control, to coddle popular superstition with make-work by a government pretending to offer effective governance, to weaponize and monetize demonic powers, both real and imagined, if possible. For many others in and out of government, there may exist legitimate defense concerns.

Covid is no longer the big government scare against a helpless, victim population.

UFO’s are the new Covid pandemic.  UFO’s offer us as many fears as can be created, to tax, to control, to Big Brother us, to weaponize fears of UFO’s and to weaponize and militarize imaginary or real “aliens” for further control and monetary gain.  This has been the case through human history.  What legitimate defense concerns that do exist need to be proven, demonstrated, verified in extreme maturity, prudence, and in hard tested proven wisdom.

The next Omnibus bill may include Obamacare funding increases to protect us against “me too” pre-existing healthcare conditions inflicted by aliens using UFO beam radiations, and performing odd, grotesque, gothic surgical experiments.

Pay up.

If UFO aliens perform gender modification surgeries, the aliens will be protected by law, and welcomed as intelligent life forms come to teach us wisdom, and we ignorant earthlings under superior alien guidance will still need to pay up.

And now my father put a, heavy yoke [tax] upon you, but I will add to your yoke: my father beat you with whips, but I will beat you with scorpions” (1 Kings 12:11).  Scorpions as UFO’s and space aliens. 

It does not take religious people to raise these concerns.  Atheist, Carl Sagan, warned against The DemonHaunted World as existing in manipulable popular prejudices.


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9 thoughts on “New UFO Commission ~ Space Aliens ~ Extraterrestrials”

  1. Nigo said, “Omnibus funding bill may include Obamacare funding increases to protect us against pre-existing healthcare conditions of aliens, UFO beam radiations, and odd, grotesque, gothic surgical experiments.”

    I got my pre-existing conditions, aliens, UFO beam radiations, and my favorite surgical experiments right in church, when the priest invited professional dominatrix prostitutes into church and paid them to have sex on the altar.

  2. God’s Kindness will lead some to repent of sex on the altar. perhaps that priest and his paid prostitutes, who wanted to identify as paid prostitutes to increase profit margins advertising through churches, so let their identification stand.

    The Day will come when God will light the Fire that will destroy the altar with priests, prostitutes, and UFO’s on it.

    (Submitted Feb 15, 2023 at 15:29, offline via SDC server)

  3. Nigo! Where is your faith, man?

    My Catholic papa used to tell me the Pope could consecrate almost anything! Despite the Holy Father’s failure to consecrate Russia! He can consecrate even visitors as created beings from other planets predicted by the Drake Equation.

    Why the rush to the demonic? Worried, again, about transgender and non-gender UFO’s doing surgeries, “unidentified” by any confused standards?

    Come now, where is your boosterism?

    (Submitted Feb 15, 2023 offline via SDC server)

  4. Inigo is right. Two women in prison became impregnated after successful gender surgery. Government healthcare does not have this covered. Pray aliens manifest. Invisible aliens are worse.

    (originally posted on SYMBA server)

  5. Foolish Americans.

    In France, we invite aliens into police stations for religieuse and espresso.

    And then perform gender surgery in the station. Fast, easy, no mess.

    No expensive taxes for national defenses that do not work. And cannot work.

  6. “Mystery Sphere on Japanese Beach Was Just a Buoy” (NYT).

    A scrap metal future. The Telegraph reports that China uses buoys to spy on U.S. subs in the Arctic. So says Canada.

    The President can quit playing his favorite adaptation of Marlene Dietrich’s PC gender-neutralized song, “The Buoys in the Backroom.” And because Buoys Will Be Buoys, the good old buoys have given us another day to live, before the nasty buoys are sent off to their ultimate end as scrap metal.

  7. By the pricking of my thumbs,
    Something wicked this way comes

    oye!, not wicked, super-wicked.

    Bradbury had a mere demon-possessed circus clown, non-local wicked, but maybe not nationwide wicked, because the clown served as a regional circuit travelling apostle.

    My Jesuit friends argue the righteous Macduff under authority of the King ended wicked Macbeth’s nationwide demon possession. The best English language composite of the history of wicked kings. The good soldier Macduff serving as a solo, lone ranger, a globally-ready Jesuit, on a limited nationwide exorcism, to liberate a demon-possessed nation. So King James wrote Daemonologie as the Preface to his authorized, King James Version of the Bible, and commissioned the better author for Macbeth as a revelation of nationwide demon possession, written by a Catholic Shakespeare (so my Jesuit friends say!).

    Which UFO’s are watching the Jesuits?

    Levin, Cashore, Bernstein, and Auld (see, Levin, et al. 2012), ask super-wicked questions at global levels, that they do not seek Aquinas and Dante to solve.

    My Catholic friends accuse me of the truncated solution to super-wicked global problems, in our current group study and long seasons of prayer, God Challenges the Dictators, Doom of the Nazis Predicted: The Destruction of the Third Reich Foretold by the Director (Reese Howells) of Swansea Bible College, An Intercessor from Wales (October 24, 2022 edition). My judgment – optional, not mandatory for full-time students. Good example of global, full-time intercession. Not for the faint of heart because resident students at Swansea sacrificed all for this calling of full-time global intercession.

    The book will have you know that Rees Howells was friends with Catholic (Oriental Catholic) Haile Selassie, against the facism of Mussolini.

    Score one for Catholics. As if Catholics never prayed during WW II. A caution to those who want to attribute too much to Rees Howells.

    Next up, now that WW II is over, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, incompetent to testify, solves the super-wicked demonic problem of human and sex traffickingglobally.

    And globally, “the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn” (Revelation 18:11), for global profits lost on “human beings sold as slaves” (Revelation 18:13).

  8. “My Jesuit friends argue the righteous Macduff [full stop]. Written by a Catholic Shakespeare (so my Jesuit friends say!) [full stop]. Which UFO’s are watching the Jesuits? [full stop]. My Catholic friends accuse me of the truncated solution to super-wicked global problems.”

    You are lucky to have any friends at all.

    Jesuits befriend you only because we feel sorry for you.

    Shakespeare was catholic. Fool! Jesuits are flying the UFO’s that watch over your truncated religion.

    Great jab at pedophile Cardinal Theodore McCarrick as a part of the Super Wicked demonic problem of global sex abuse, if not also trafficking. It is no wonder non-Catholics do not want to bring their children to join our Catholic church with pedophiles. I do not know which UFO Pope Francis is flying to leave McCarrick in a position of authority.

    God save us from ourselves.

    Levin, Cashore, Bernstein, and Auld point out that Super Wicked global problems remain Super Wicked because the perpetrators of Super Wicked global problems are the ones seeking to hide Super Wicked global problems while pretending to solve them. I think that Aquinas and Dante would love Levin, et al. 2012. Aquinas loved non-Catholic Aristotle. And Aquinas loved his good sparring partner, non-Catholic Averoes. Nothing globally left there to hide.

    Cardinal Theodore McCarrick is our Catholic witness of seeking to hide our global Super Wickedness while pretending to solve it.

    That newest “UNODC report on human trafficking exposes modern form of slavery” is better than previous versions.

    I disagree with you. The newest book about Rees Howells is an awkward masterpiece about global intercession. The book is mandatory for my Catholic students.

    Please join me in asking Roma and T.J. to elevate this discussion to a main page instead of a comment thread. We are all praying and working on earth in the flesh with boots on the ground to intervene against global sex and human trafficking. See our SDC emails about Ukraine. We have much to learn from Rees Howells. And each other.

    As you wrote us in an email quoted with permission, “exorcism is not a negotiation.”

  9. Waiting for Roma to elevate this to a major page for prayer, discussion, exchange of mission plans. The UFO’s must have gotten Roma. Not responding. Just noticed – Fool! – we love Fav Fool, and that we are!, Shakespeare’s Feste. Perfect Insult. “Thou and I are too wise to woo peaceably!,Much Ado about Nothing. Much.

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