All Strong Men come Forward ~ to the front of the aircraft

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The comment by Cynthia, N.Y.,  June 13, 2021 at 3:51 pm, is a timely note about the reported request aboard the Delta flight bound for Atlanta.

“We would like all strong males to come to the front of the aircraft to handle a problem passenger.

See the history of comments about these strong men.

This is the question that we are covering in our private pages with studies into  Dr. Richard Gallagher’s book, Demonic Foes: My Twenty-Five Years as a Psychiatrist Investigating Possessions, Diabolic Attacks, and the Paranormal.

These private pages are password protected.  We are collaborating and praying in great detail about our cases.  As is frequent with the process of differential diagnoses, cases can be misdiagnosed until we receive many corrections.  We finally get our diagnoses right.  Gabrielle Amorth gave a test in the mandatory documentary.  Amorth admitted, “I don’t know” if a case is a case of true possession rather than mental illness or just intense demonic harassment, “I don’t know … until!”

Until what?

Inigo auto-da-fé (SJ) noted how young psychologists can get killed doing this work of exorcism by trusting in clinical counseling.  This observation is not new.  It is an ancient observation.  It is in line with the Gallagher book.

Even in our own mentoring, we sometimes must move highly educated and competent counselors and newly learning psychiatrists to safe background positions.  We must sometimes make them mere observers of dozens or hundreds of cases.  Some are mature enough in faith to read scriptures, or to pray in agreement, or to pray silently and ask the Kingdom to come on earth, during this process.  This is not the same as rushing in, as on this jet.  This slow and steady mentorship is required until students gain maturity, “until we all meet into the unity of faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect [mature] man, unto the measure of the age of the fulness of Christ” (Ephesians 4:13).

Equally dangerous is the contempt that so-called exorcists with no special training, and who have contempt toward education in general, and look down in scorn at mental health education in particular.  There are many “experts” out there with no training and who think they are the “strong men.” These experts say anything they want to say in self-promotion, often without accountability, or with accountability as immature as these immature exorcists.  We studied the tragic case of the murder of the victim in the Philippines who was punched violently in the chest by a boasting and loud “strong man” exorcist who attended a charismatic church, and he rushed in to punch the victim to “cast out” the devil, and the punch caused a fatal heart attack on the spot,

I want only to call attention now to this other danger of “strong men” who rush up to save others.  Cases in the U.S., and in mission fields, show that the victims of demon possession may also get killed by immature trust in psychology and psychiatry, and also by immature distrust and contempt on psychology and psychiatry.  Our teams have seen this happen.

We pray.  And God demands the best of both worlds.  God wants mature workers with spiritual discernment, long tuned and long practiced under mature discipleship.  Always aligned whenever possible with necessary diagnoses in best clinical sciences.

This maturity comes by working in hundreds of cases.

We must remember that it is the suffering victims of our foolish trust who may get killed by our many follies, thinking we are strong.

Who are the strong men?

by Michael (M.D.)
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10 thoughts on “All Strong Men come Forward ~ to the front of the aircraft”

  1. My wife and I listened to a radio program here in Canada about Dr. Gallagher and his cats. He had pet cats that were peaceful and easy going. The cats went crazy one night and tore into each other in a violent frenzy. He had to stick each cat in a separate room because that was the only thing that kept them from ripping each other apart. A priest and a woman came to his house the next day.

    The woman told Dr. Gallagher that she was a priestess of the devil. She said put a hex on the cats to make them kill each other on the night before.

    Dr. Gallagher said that demons back in ancient times would use names of gods from various religions to make people believe they were possessed by the ancient gods.

    Nowadays they take people over and use psychiatric labels and they mimic known counseling behaviors to add confusion and to make a problem look medical. or look like a counseling condition.

    People like friends and doctors who do not understand the deeper problem keep repeating the same mistake of trying to reason with these patients, or give them sedatives that work for calming them down, but never cure the condition. Some friends and doctors get upset when patients do not respond to treatments like reasoning and the meds.

    This is a game that goes on for years and years, Dr. Gallagher said. The demons love to play this out. The symptoms get crazier and get out of hand.

    This is a deliberate tactic to play this out for years and years and keep everyone going in circles. The spirits already know that some psychiatric conditions resemble possession. So the demons keep everyone spinning. Everyone wants to believe it is all natural causes.

    You could say the friends and doctors want to be the strong ones. They try. They are sincere. It just does not work.

    You could confuse the deeper problem with the psycho cats by thinking the cats were going crazy because the cats got angry with each other over some natural incident, like fighting over cat food, or maybe the cat food was sour. You could change the cat food all day long and not fix the problem.

    last name removed, and comment approved by Celie∞Hilbert/CRH

  2. Strong does not mean big and best looking.

    Saul refused to come forward. He wanted to protect his big, good looks.

    A youth stepped up.

    in a Name bigger than the giant.

  3. A wee caution, how ought we know that the ‘strong man’ has not already taken over the aircraft? ~ (Matthew 12:29)

  4. Doc, this is a planar field in the jet plane of the courtroom. Literal-virtual space as theater for this Conflict in Demonstrations. Bailiffs execute ordered protocols and take ad hoc orders to do what they can, to come forward. These strong officers are sworn to take a bullet. The presence of all these strong ones provoke manifestations!

  5. Flight 1730 results were good enough. Oklahoma City as a pit stop instead of direct to Atlanta is better than some other alternatives.

    The flight from Los Angeles will result in what new security measures at LAX, that is, will Delta pay undercover strong men to ride along as a cost/benefit measure?

    NOTE by T.J. (Jurist) — Dylan’s question has been elevated to a larger question worthy of a post, see Underground Moebius ~ UM-86 ∩ Romans 8:6-8 ~ Pure Inductive Learning. This new post will combine with the another post of @ Martin 95 (Registered Residency Student), QH447 – Map of 4,246 Microorganisms Found in Subways all around the World

    Both of these posts ask very hard questions. Dylan and Martin 95 have already worked hands-on in a half-score of these cases. They have observed some severe symptoms. They have faced physical threats. They have been in danger of bodily harm. As noted in one header, this is Pure Inductive Learning.

    Life dumps a load of confusion on us. We are not sure where to look up any source of objective help. We sense that objective teaching or peers may help us from inside our known and practiced vocations, and from the scriptures. We come to the experience that even if some teaching ‘out there’ might help us sort out this mess, we are not sure where to find it, and in the case of the scriptures, we are not sure which scripture applies and how, or if at all?

  6. Yes, we are praying with Intercessors America. We pray only a half hour a day. We are working our way into it. We are praying for scientists who do not want to use babies in research. I am reading up on what zombies are. I am only a subscriber so I can get emails.

  7. Even in our own mentoring and learning, we sometimes must move highly educated and competent counselors and newly learning psychiatrists to a safe background.”

    We are seeing a return to this is a practice of exorcism in Belgium. It is a big economy in southern Europe. There are many of the strong men who think they are strong moving up to the front of the jet. It is a good common sense to read this point of view, “even in our own mentoring and learning, we sometimes must move highly educated and competent counselors and newly learning psychiatrists to a safe background.”

    It is even so for the psychiatric nurses in the units of difficult patients that they need to work in pairs.

  8. Yes on team in Poland. It is the rescue of the Ukraine women and the children. It is here for private mission. We sent the email and got response. It is the money that is coming in. It is what we have. If we are with all heart in the mind the Spirit comes in. We have enough. We put in the request through CAMA. The money came. The fightings and the hackings with blades. They are the worst.

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