Public Viewing – Exorcism of Emily Rose

We are now studying, praying, discussing, “The Exorcism of Emily Rose.”

Registered students and trainers are free to choose their own media for this prayer and study and have full access to our discussion and prayer groups because this case of Emily Rose applies to more than a dozen current cases and possibly to many similar cases in the future.

Public viewers who study and pray along using their favorite media may make open, but moderated comments.

Our discussion of the Dr. Richard Gallagher book, “Demonic Foes,” has been moved to private and password protected back pages and to encrypted email because we are discussing and praying over our cases.


revised by Celie∞Hilbert/CRH. October 12, 2021


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Inigo auto-da-fé (SJ)

Training Focus ~ somewhere outside Rome ~ somewhere inside missions ~ life is constant prayer ~ Burning Desire to obey times, seasons of service, what, how, when, why, with whom? ~ Liaison Science and Religion (MS Applied Physics),  training others to do the same.  Liaison in Interreligious Dialogue  (including Catholic-Protestant-Charismatic/Pentecostal), training students to discipline of listening without compromising their own beliefs ~ agree with Eastern Orthodox Churches that mature believers have authority in liberation/exorcisms (Cura Personalis) ~ training in assistant medical-theological peritus-advisor in spiritual liberation - training in prayer and practice for individual wholeness and community public health through data and fact-based health sciences applied in missions (MPH/Public Health) ~ faith seeking understanding through service ~ week, month long spiritual retreats for Silence.  

4 thoughts on “Public Viewing – Exorcism of Emily Rose”

  1. This exorcism is impossible. It was botched. An innocent girl suffered. The pastè ending does not change the botched exorcism.

    I objected at first, but it was the right decision to move the discussion of Gallagher on exorcism to private forum.

  2. Multiplication factors are steep sloped for the estimated 40,000 to 80,000 deaths each year in U.S. hospitals because of misdiagnosis. The estimated 8-12 million faulty diagnoses each year in primary care, with roughly 33% of them resulting in serious, permanent damage, or death do not include fake claims of faith healings, such as when parents caused deaths of their own children, nor poor advice from religious leaders causing harms, nor harms by religious persons overstepping actual authority, nor failed exorcisms as in this instance. The more recent cases this year of failed faith healings in Washington and Idaho illustrate the persistence of the practice, with unreported failures until deaths and occasional criminal charges.

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