Graduate Credit & Advanced Skilled-trade Certifications

Congratulations to Carole T. who is newly accepted into full-time training.

Meet Carole T at this link.

Carole T. announced what many of us have known and prayed about for some time now, during our long beta testing phase of full-time residency internships, namely, our increasing participation for full credit in fully accredited university graduate studies, and in full credit for advanced certifications in skilled-trades.

In my case as a full-time trainer, it has been an open secret that I am certified to teach field practicums for credit through Oxford University and to teach and lecture in a few other graduate institutions.  This level of advanced training followed immediately from my earliest inspirations through John Wimber during his visits to the U.K., and only because Wimber worked through Fuller Seminary in the U.S., and in tandem with U.K. certified Residency Training Psychiatrist, Dr. John White.  Wimber and White together were a mighty warrior team of deliverance ministry.  These two inspirations are noted in my bio.  After Wimber and White, I was hooked for life on the dire need and utmost urgency for this kind of full-time training, to make advanced disciples.

Some of our full-time trainers in the U.S. and Europe, both Catholics and non-Catholics, have been doing beta tests for this kind of full-time training for graduate credit, or for advanced certifications in skilled-trades for students to become master-trainers, in their own specialties.

Advanced graduate internships for full credit in university graduate programs, along with certifications for full credit in advanced skilled trades, are available only through express contracts with full-time students.  These contracts are on a case by case basis.  These special contracts are only for full-time residency training of full-time students, as defined on the front page.

One revision that is now mandatory, and no longer merely recommended for acceptance into full-time training is the minimum requirement of 10% verified testimonies from a minimum pool of 300 hands-on and direct care cases, with verified testimonies by the public recipients of care given in public, in hands-on, direct, face to face care given by the applicant for full-time training.

Recommendations by pastors. and care given inside churches, instead of care given outside in the public arena, are recommendations that do not count toward this minimum.  We accept recommendations from pastors and some church members, but only as 2nd and 3rd confirmations of care given outside of churches in public ministry, and only on top of the mandatory verified testimonies by the recipients of care given in public venues listed in detail on the front page.  Testimonies of care include testimonies of healings, of full conversions by the Holy Sprit launching converts into outward service in public service, testimonies of spiritual liberations, and other kinds of testimonies based on spiritual gifts in mature operations out in the public arena.

Verified testimonies for admission into full-time training are a hard requirement.  This requirement is on top of mandatory full-time daily prayer that flows outward into full-time ministry in public places, again noted in detail on the front page.

No exceptions.

Discussions, Pages and Posts, Public and Private

Our discussions about:  1) “Demonic Foes: My Twenty-Five Years as a Psychiatrist Investigating Possessions, Diabolic Attacks, and the Paranormal” (Richard Gallagher M.D) and, 2) the Book of Judges and, 3) interactive discussions between trainers and students about malpractice cases against clergy, churches, and professional counselors in cases of “spiritual liberation” are all moved to private, encrypted, confidential channels because we are discussing sensitive and protected information about cases and missions.

The study materials above and elsewhere on this forum are academic and public in nature.  Our interactive group discussions between trainers and students apply these public materials to our confidential missions and cases in daily practice.

I do not have the time nor the desire to strip away sensitive information in order to make these pages public.

All full-time trainers and full-time students are compliant in not publishing sensitive discussions in any other format, anywhere else.

The external website attribution to us of the public exorcism as recorded in public on a cell phone was a fraud, a fake attribution, and was not our work.  It is tragic that loving requests and reasonable disclaimers to desist in attributing that public case to us fell on deaf ears until we suggested that the parties posting the video check with their legal solicitor for an opinion about defamation.

The exception that allows for rare public pages is an exception for pre-approved hypothetical cases for training only, with all identifying information stripped away.

Go through your contracted full-time trainer who will forward requests to a panel of T.J.,  Celie, and I for approval.

Celie is working on stats now for private discussion of the total number of care services, cases, and missions that we have accomplished, including a ratio of successes to failures in our missions, so we may learn from them.