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The introductory bios below are bare summary statements.   
Full bios, full personal identities, contact information, work resumes and extensive CV’s are available only to registered users and full-time students, see “Extended Bios.”
The short bios of full-time trainers below vary in minor ways from the information given about the same trainers registered in other parallel and cooperative online fora for full-time training.    

Admin PLB Accountant, R. Roma

Training Focus – Administration (as spiritual gift, 1 Corinthians 12:28,  refined, trained, practiced profession). Forensic Accountancy. Full PLB accountability,  Administrative oversight for trainers and students here and in other fora.  Accountability logistics for service teams of full-time trainers and full-time students in the field in sensitive missions.  Accountability for standards compliance under contracted training and learning.  Mentoring-training in professional and spiritual consultancy (Oxford), training services “of counsel” (especially impossible, “counsel of perfection“).  “The devil is in the details and the details are in the accounting books.”  When not travelling among home churches, I attend my church homes in the world communion of Lutheran Churches in New York, London, Vancouver.  See more in bio, R. Roma.

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Training Focus – Research in Applied Mathematics (PhD) ~ teaching, research, visiting scholar, faculty in research agencies ~ design contributor programs teaching math to gifted students ~ mentoring students here to design novel valid measures to test on-earth physical effects of full-time intercessory prayer, and effects of missions in service ~ especially to double check false, misleading charismatic claims, and make our services better, more effective ~ I am charismatic, Pentecostal, a member of local Assemblies of God church ~ as for me, “test all things,” do not settle for say-anything charismatic claims ~ see “measure of faith” essay in bio page ~ “God has the Big Book of Numbers and all the Beautiful Proofs.”

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T.J. (Jurist)

Training Focus ~ semi-retired judge ~ free to hand pick court cases and devote rest of my time to full-time spiritual mentoring ~ mentoring in spiritual discernment for agency professionals, law enforcement, others in government ~  mentoring few full-time students from churches that send members to court to pray silently during proceedings ~ mentoring former guilty parties coming to Redemption ~ training in full time prayer into judgments ~ judgments to bless Good everywhere ~ judgments to cause catastrophe to evil in “pay every penny” restorative judgments (Luke 12:59, Matthew 5:26) ~ judgments for Tender Mercies never strained in chances to start Life again.  Participating in new legal trend, waves of out of court settlements using private arbitration and private settlement agreements for churches and clergy sued or threatened with lawsuits for malpractice (including botched exorcisms), for failing to refer troubled subjects to counseling as a compliment to valid pastoral care, and for false, immature, and shallow self-promotional claims of faith healing that have made medical conditions worse and sometimes led to death.   Thank God for Mercy, Grace.  I come from a Wesleyan background and attend an independent charismatic church.  

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Michael (M.D.)

Training Focus – Medical Missions ~ SSO CMMB, practice in U.S. and missions outside U.S.  Catholic peritus on health and medical effects of prayer, charity, and mutual aid in exorcisms to diagnose sometimes impossible differences between medical and mental health conditions and demonic influences ~ medical reviewer thousands cases of true and false faith healing claims.  Logo is a medical graph for models of disease and mutation convergence into healing in the Wheel of Life.  The Wheel of Life is a spinning Wheel of many wheels within wheels – for life or death.  What is your prayer for the wheel for others around you?  (additional bio in KP).

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Episcopal Maenad/KAV

Training Focus ~ Clinical Psychotherapist (PhD) and Ordained Priest (Episcopal) ~ Training in treating addictions and in spiritual discernment.  Maenads did not all remain drunken followers of drunken Dionysus. Some sobered up into prayer. Not AA. DA – Dionysians Anonymous ~ mentoring focus is in breaking addictions that have dark overlays – sexual madness-fertilities of demonia ~ ‘church’ as theater where Dionysians including Christians worship their worship as best ‘performance theater’ in town ~ Pan’s pandemics of religious ecstasies. With all the wrong spirits and reproducing all the wrong offspring. I love street ministry in teams more than in clinic because street manifestations of the Holy Spirit are more random, robust, unrestrained, variable, and impossible than the filtered safety of clinics.  Lord save ~ Break bondages ~ Bless Bounties.

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Inigo auto-da-fé (SJ)

Training Focus ~ somewhere outside Rome ~ somewhere inside missions ~ life is constant prayer ~ Burning Desire to obey times, seasons of service, what, how, when, why, with whom? ~ Liaison Science and Religion (MS Applied Physics),  training others to do the same.  Liaison in Interreligious Dialogue  (including Catholic-Protestant-Charismatic/Pentecostal), training students to discipline of listening without compromising their own beliefs ~ agree with Eastern Orthodox Churches that mature believers have authority in liberation/exorcisms (Cura Personalis) ~ training in assistant medical-theological peritus-advisor in spiritual liberation – training in prayer and practice for individual wholeness and community public health through data and fact-based health sciences applied in missions (MPH/Public Health) ~ faith seeking understanding through service ~ week, month long spiritual retreats for Silence.  

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Training Focus ~ clueless ~ until Spirit moves ~ first love as being loved, “We love because He first loved us” (1 John 4:19) ~ full time training in intercession full time ~ love sciences and sciences into services (see, Language of God, and Society for the Scientific Study of Religion) ~ spiritual application of direct, blind, double-blind peer review ~ pro bono law, legal services, & counseling in informal justice (keep it out of court), derived in comparative religions  (Eliade, L. E. Sullivan, Ioan Culianu) ~ logo is Turbulence Sheared-Torn Double Infinity Circle Chiasm ~ because everything that can be shaken, will be shaken ~ so “be careful, be very careful” (Joshua 22:5) who you play with, because everybody ain’t playin’ (Ephesians 5:15).  Only formal memberships in Wider Quaker Fellowship, Life Links International.

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Training Focus – General Contractor, sections of Walmarts, smaller industrial projects – training focus on training-mentoring other contractors, worksite crews with skilled trades, chain of supply in full-time prayer applied to projects ~ Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship, selective investment in local networks  small home churches ~ New Love Contract with Christus Victor and Satisfied.  I am a Presbyterian acolyte, assist in spiritual liberation, especially in workplaces.  I want to train everyday acolytes of ordinary men and women on the job at worksites to give liberation and Life though all spiritual gifts.  Building construction projects is not complete without building the spiritual House of God.  Construction is for the Common Good. Eternally.

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Training Focus ~ Gatekeeping (Mechanical Engineer) ~ training students in listening in prayer for Revelation in visions, mathematical designs, engineer material functions – Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship ~ motto anon in corps immediately, continuously, and already here, your need to sustain, My favorite listening is to the Silence in Heaven (Revelation 8:1) just before the Master Gate of the Master Gatekeeper opens and God’s Big Rock comes and keeps coming down – to silence our noise (Revelation 18:21).  The Gates of Mercy and Judgment do not open without full-time prayer.  Silence reminds me that it is God’s Big Rock and Blessing and not mine to throw (Revelation 18:21).  I serve also as a charismatic certified Lutheran Lay Minister.

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Training Focus – Systems Analyses ~ Retired Vet ~ training students in systems of asymmetric spiritual warfare on the streets and in missions ~ smallest corps of students with mandatory full time covert service prayers-to-actions as Fire strike teams in Armies of Davids win impossible battles  ~ member of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship and Gideons  ~ mandatory hours of prayer daily before going on missions ~ funding, connectional support for Armies of Davids ~ participant in Anglican Communion and New Frontiers ~ Victory is in “Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20).

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Note on Access Portal below for full-time Students- this Access Portal is a training Portal by contract-covenant  for full-time student training that entitles students to qualify for confidentiality, including clergy-penitent confidentiality, and HIPPA privacy protections, and to qualify for other status and opportunities that give full-time students access to operate in places where our trainers are certified and permitted to administer practical care, sometimes at great risk.

Admin PLB Accountant, R. Roma

Order of Moebius (Portal ~ Full-time Students)

Access Portal for full-time Students ~ Moebius is an infinite split plane and is derived from the word in Hebrews 5:14 ~ “mature” ~ which is from two Greek words, stereos and tropos ~ the two Greek words for dual (stereos) and split-planes (tropos) ~ geometric planes of battlefields fabled to split open and swallow enemies and give victory ~ also from Romans 8:6-8 ∩ UM-8:6-8 @ Δ/δ which are delta movements infinitely integrating prayer and obedience in path-dependent services ~ “Pray in the Spirit at all times, with every kind of prayer and petition. To this end, stay alert with all perseverance in your prayers for all the saints,” (Ephesians 6:18). Thank you to Inigo auto-da-fé (SJ) for the etymology.

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