New UFO Commission ~ Space Aliens ~ Extraterrestrials

See, The US Military Keeps Spotting UFOs With Inexplicable Capabilities (Forbes).

I cannot develop this in full today.

I agree and disagree with some of my traditionalist Catholic friends.

I agree that this UFO attention is sensationalist distraction.

I disagree because the deeper purposes are manifold, not mere distraction.  A few of the manifold purposes of UFO scares are to raise taxes in order to tax us further into the Great Reset, to increase Big Brother control, to coddle popular superstition with make-work by a government pretending to offer effective governance, to weaponize and monetize demonic powers, both real and imagined, if possible. For many others in and out of government, there may exist legitimate defense concerns.

Covid is no longer the big government scare against a helpless, victim population.

UFO’s are the new Covid pandemic.  UFO’s offer us as many fears as can be created, to tax, to control, to Big Brother us, to weaponize fears of UFO’s and to weaponize and militarize imaginary or real “aliens” for further control and monetary gain.  This has been the case through human history.  What legitimate defense concerns that do exist need to be proven, demonstrated, verified in extreme maturity, prudence, and in hard tested proven wisdom.

The next Omnibus bill may include Obamacare funding increases to protect us against “me too” pre-existing healthcare conditions inflicted by aliens using UFO beam radiations, and performing odd, grotesque, gothic surgical experiments.

Pay up.

If UFO aliens perform gender modification surgeries, the aliens will be protected by law, and welcomed as intelligent life forms come to teach us wisdom, and we ignorant earthlings under superior alien guidance will still need to pay up.

And now my father put a, heavy yoke [tax] upon you, but I will add to your yoke: my father beat you with whips, but I will beat you with scorpions” (1 Kings 12:11).  Scorpions as UFO’s and space aliens. 

It does not take religious people to raise these concerns.  Atheist, Carl Sagan, warned against The DemonHaunted World as existing in manipulable popular prejudices.


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