All Commons Accountability ~ all collaborations, missions, cases, full-time prayers and results

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Admin PLB Accountant, R. Roma

The word commons may be misleading.

It applies only to registered full-time trainers and students who are commonly praying together, studying, and working as teams in missions in the world.

This includes our common experimental use of SNOMED case management software, and supported integration in Sagenda Timekeeping, a set-page app at the following pages for recording subject matters matched to practices and procedures for our missions

Common records are registered, indexed, and confidentiality and HIPPA privacy protected here:

All Commons  ~ all collaborations, missions, cases, full-time intercessions

All Judgments – and Effects after Intercessions and Interventions

Important, see also, Struck Dead – Acts 5:1-11

(see bios)

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Admin PLB Accountant, R. Roma

Training Focus – Administration (as a spiritual gift, 1 Corinthians 12:28, and refined as a trained and practiced profession). Forensic Accountancy. Full PLB accountability and Chief Administrative oversight for all trainers and students here and in other fora.  Accountability and oversight protections for logistics of our service teams of full-time trainers and full-time students working in the field in sensitive missions.  Accountability for standards compliance under contracted training and learning.  Mentoring-training in professional combined with spiritual consultancy (Oxford) and in training for services “of counsel” (see especially the impossible, "counsel of perfection").  "The devil is in the details and the details are in the accounting books."  New York, London, Vancouver.  See more in bio, R. Roma.

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