Graduate Credit & Advanced Skilled-trade Certifications

Congratulations to Carole T. who is newly accepted into full-time training.

Meet Carole T at this link.

Carole T. announced what many of us have known and prayed about for some time now, during our long beta testing phase of full-time residency internships, namely, our increasing participation for full credit in fully accredited university graduate studies, and in full credit for advanced certifications in skilled-trades.

In my case as a full-time trainer, it has been an open secret that I am certified to teach field practicums for credit through Oxford University and to teach and lecture in a few other graduate institutions.  This level of advanced training followed immediately from my earliest inspirations through John Wimber during his visits to the U.K., and only because Wimber worked through Fuller Seminary in the U.S., and in tandem with U.K. certified Residency Training Psychiatrist, Dr. John White.  Wimber and White together were a mighty warrior team of deliverance ministry.  These two inspirations are noted in my bio.  After Wimber and White, I was hooked for life on the dire need and utmost urgency for this kind of full-time training, to make advanced disciples.

Some of our full-time trainers in the U.S. and Europe, both Catholics and non-Catholics, have been doing beta tests for this kind of full-time training for graduate credit, or for advanced certifications in skilled-trades for students to become master-trainers, in their own specialties.

Advanced graduate internships for full credit in university graduate programs, along with certifications for full credit in advanced skilled trades, are available only through express contracts with full-time students.  These contracts are on a case by case basis.  These special contracts are only for full-time residency training of full-time students, as defined on the front page.

One revision that is now mandatory, and no longer merely recommended for acceptance into full-time training is the minimum requirement of 10% verified testimonies from a minimum pool of 300 hands-on and direct care cases, with verified testimonies by the public recipients of care given in public, in hands-on, direct, face to face care given by the applicant for full-time training.

Recommendations by pastors. and care given inside churches, instead of care given outside in the public arena, are recommendations that do not count toward this minimum.  We accept recommendations from pastors and some church members, but only as 2nd and 3rd confirmations of care given outside of churches in public ministry, and only on top of the mandatory verified testimonies by the recipients of care given in public venues listed in detail on the front page.  Testimonies of care include testimonies of healings, of full conversions by the Holy Sprit launching converts into outward service in public service, testimonies of spiritual liberations, and other kinds of testimonies based on spiritual gifts in mature operations out in the public arena.

Verified testimonies for admission into full-time training are a hard requirement.  This requirement is on top of mandatory full-time daily prayer that flows outward into full-time ministry in public places, again noted in detail on the front page.

No exceptions.

Struck Dead – Acts 5:1-11 – Dead? – or Just Encrypted?

revised, Admin PLB Accountant, R. Roma, Michael (M.D.), Inigo auto-da-fé (SJ), Jedburgh/SOESM
April 22, 2022

Compare the miraculous incident below in which God fully encrypted and hid Elijah while revealing the hidden mesh-grid of his enemies.

The Holy Spirit decrypts and the Holy Spirit encrypts. This is illustrated with the Greek verb kryptō used at least 16 times, meaning, to hide, hide (one’s) self. keep secret, secretly, be hidden. With the end result noun (or adjectival-noun) kryptos, used 19 times, and meaning the end result status, or the state of hidden, concealed, secret. This process (as a verb) and end result (as a noun, or adjective) happens on the macro-scale with the Holy Spirit decrypting all languages that are otherwise a barrier to common understanding by converting God’s will into universally understandable communication (see, Acts 2:6ff, introduced on the front page).

Even with Acts 2 and universally understandable communication above, Jesus still gave thanks to God for hiding things from the wise and learned, and yet revealing hidden things to those as little children – “At that time Jesus said, I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children‘” (Matthew 11:25). This  scripture uses a most powerful variant of the verb, kryptos, that is, the verb, apokryptō, which means “to fully conceal, fully hide.”

The heart of our common constitution and our contracts as students and trainers is the mandatory heart of daily meeting with God in a state (adjective, kryptos) of Secret communion with the door closed to all others – “But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees in secret will repay you,” Matthew 6:6 NASB, and, “But thou when thou shalt pray, enter into thy chamber, and having shut the door, pray to thy Father in secret: and thy Father who seeth in secret will repay thee,” Douay-Rheims Bible.

Only fools of greatest proportions would trust the following human technology as a substitute for daily, Secret, private prayer, and with the door shut to the rest of the entire world (Matthew 6:6).

At the same time, on behalf of customers, clients, patients, service recipients, and the vulnerable served in our missions in the world, we are commanded to do everything we can to stand, and then stand (Ephesians 6:13-4).  Our fallible human technologies, below, are weak parts of our partial obedience, but are nothing without the blessings of God.  

Decryption of the encrypted segment below will synthesize an article about Ananias and Sapphira and their marriage-covenant fraud to lie to the Holy Spirit and then ‘go to church’ to lie again by pretending in church that they were sold-out to God – based on the scripture. and elaborated by New Testament scholar, Craig Keener, “Struck Dead—Acts 5:1-11.”  The truth of this scripture is that the Holy Spirit decrypted their encrypted, hidden fraud to appear sold-out and fully committed.

Keener says, “Ananias and Sapphira wanted to look sold out to God like so many others in the heat of revival.” 

Encrypted below is the fourth test to replace old triple encryption (DES) with new FHE (fully homomorphic encryption) combined with secure direct communications (SDC).

Thanks to Celie∞Hilbert/CRH and her team of Ph.D. students in training for writing the original code, which Celie brought to final form in final privacy, while getting a silent vision despite a boring sermon in her church.  With her usual sarcasm, she says that she still goes to church to ignore the sermon and canned routines and festivities, and to listen to God. She credits her beloved apostle of mathematics (now dead), saying, “God has the Big Book of Numbers and all the Beautiful Proofs.”

We will be the judge of that.

April 22, 2022 – this is the fourth test of encrypting and decrypting our collaborations using secure direct communications (SDC) synchronized across all our private media.

This price is not too great a price to pay for privacy and security protections, given team members and service recipients tortured and killed in hostile territories in armed conflicts and wars, or territories with violent anti-religious rituals (not just anti-Christian bias, but anti-any-other religion violence – just to set straight the false conceit by Christians that only Christians are targeted for violence), and more, increasing violence in our domestic home countries where it is harder to tell the difference between ritual violence of secret cults versus teenage gangs staking out territory, getting attention, while pretending to be in cults, just for  “maximum fun.” The phrase – “maximum fun” – is a phrase with variants that we hear regularly in our dark and darkest missions, and is illustrated realistically in the mandatory and common training video, “Fallen,” realistically depicted as happening in the domestic homeland of the United States.

Technical:  for registered users (trainers, students) who set your own Markov applets on each device, you need to re-key your Markov applets at each level of the following protocol: 1) for us, this is a novel mode of triple encryption (not old  DES), synthesizing our off-site private DNS confidential computing that is keyed a second time to secure direct communications (SDC), so that you must key to our private DNS server and key again to our SDC, 2) using lattice generated non-symmetric random wrapped Augur-Ethereum embedded keys generated for you with each usage, 3) further decentralized completely off of the internet in user-specific homomorphic encryption that is generated internally on each user device (FHE, analogy to DARPA PROCEED) which means that you need completely to disconnect from the internet as the necessary trigger for decryption to happen on your unique and specific devices, 4) and followed by a final round of elliptic curve unique password generations for one-time passwords that uniquely bind FHE to your unique 3FA predicted authentications, so content will be proxy re-encrypted automatically whenever you reconnect to the internet.  After configuration, you should see a banner showing “3e-5,” which means the entire cycle in the future will take no more than .03 seconds, with the end result of a fully-connected mesh offline network.

Decrypt and report, please.

Please remember this offline test is now triple encrypted.

This means the first decrypt layer is an eminence grise, so your first result will always be coherent, stable, and readable content, but completely irrelevant to any case or mission, and embedded with false mission, false client, customer, patient, and service receiver identities and information.

The second layer will self-destruct the faux coherent page if that page is not decrypted to the second-layer in the allotted, limited time.  Failure will be followed by a permanent ban-lockout and a redirect to fake pages with mixed readable and unreadable content (this is how you will know) until an administrator unlocks the sequence again for you, for another round of tests.

The third layer will yield a fully translated version of Struck Dead—Acts 5:1-11 and with your name and your fully extended bio interlaced with excess and randomly changing lattice generated mixed incoherent and coherent materials embedded into your bio, and finally interpreted (decrypted) into its most parsed, simple, and coherent final form (Saint Occam’s Razorinvented to defend divine miracles, including the miracle of invisibility of Elijah to his enemies, encrypted by God to his enemies, and uncrackable). This final form happens after a final pause interval for final 2FA predicted authentication and only after you go fully offline. Use your Markov applets (which no one else knows) instead of your biometric authentications.

For the infinitely curious, you may learn more about multi-modal confidentiality, privacy, and secure off-site computing and authentication, at “Block Cipher Techniques,” and other technical publications of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Happy decrypting.


QA76 ~ Professional Lab, Tech, Brute Force Complex Testing Done … hacking attempt results & confidence levels … site set private, public, password protected

Results distributed to registered users by encrypted email.

contributed by Jedburgh/SOESM, from London  – May 30, 2021, June 17, 2021
peer reviewed by Episcopal Maenad/KAV
(see bios)