Public Viewing – Exorcism of Emily Rose

We are now studying, praying, discussing, “The Exorcism of Emily Rose,” and the underlying real life case of Anneliese Michel upon which it is based.

Registered students and trainers are free to choose their own media for this prayer and study and have full access to our discussion and prayer groups because this case of Emily Rose (Anneliese Michel) applies to more than a dozen our own current cases, and certainly applies to many cases in our future.

Public viewers who also study and pray along with us using their favorite media may make open, but moderated comments.

Our discussion of the Dr. Richard Gallagher book, “Demonic Foes,” has been moved to private and password protected back pages or to encrypted email because we are discussing and praying over our privacy protected cases.


Update: March 2, 2023,  three of our trainers and one medical doctor with us are undertaking the massive project of correlating standard ICD and standard DSM codes into weighted factors for diagnosing differences between mental illness and diabolic influence, a necessary part for us of  existing standard “Tables of Severity in the Characterization of Disorder Severity,” in DSM.  Remember your ordinary prayers. 


revised by Celie∞Hilbert/CRH. October 12, 2021