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Our purpose is to respond to the Holy Spirit moving us to create corps of true, trained, skilled, full-time workers in loving-effective service in all the world to the end of the age.

A narrow purpose of this forum is to host interactions between a small number of full-time trainers and a small number full-time students who work in corps to give practical services in the world – in impossible missions.

These commitments are rigorous.  Full-time training and full-time learning in impossible missions requires up to 80+ hour work weeks.  These commitments are on the order of full-time commitments required in businesses, sciences, skilled trades, professions, vocations. These commitments require the time and rigor invested in full-time residency training in medical and surgical specialties in training hospitals.  These commitments are on the order of full-time commitments in military service of soldiers deployed in the field (a number of us are vets).

These commitments are on the order of leaving all to follow Jesus  – “We have left everything to follow you!” (Mark 10:28).  

The motivation for these commitments is simple – desire moved by Love and voluntary choice and not by force nor by profit to obey the movings of the Holy Spirit in inward life and outward service.

Full-time mentors have worked a minimum of 20 years in their vocations (see bios here).  Full-time students have already gone beyond apprenticeships and have been working in businesses, professions, sciences, skilled trades, or vocations for five years on-average before undertaking this added training (bios of students here).

Our focus is on a small number of full-time trainers working with a small number of full-time students. The ratio of trainers to students is often as small as one-to-one.  The ratio is seldom greater than one-to-twelve. This focus on small numbers serves another important purpose, namely, it is more efficient to train just one full-time worker to do full-time work in full-time prayer for practical service than to add a hundred people as occasional participants in a service club or as casual members of churches geared to trouble-free, undemanding, painless commitments and instant fast-food results (John 6:15, after Jesus fed 5,000 then, “knowing that they intended to come and make him king by force, withdrew again to a mountain by himself”). For fact-based reasons why this focus on small numbers is more efficient, please see BF774 – Degrees of Influence – God’s Big Book of “Numbers”.

Full-time mentors and full-time students really do exist – it is an amazing miracle with amazing results when the Spirit of God brings them together.  We do not recruit.  No one can sign-up online. Agreements for full-time mentoring and full-time learning are Forged by personal relationships that cannot be rushed in a Cauldron of hunger and years of prayer.

Less than 5% of our work happens online.  Over 95% of this training and learning involves practical services out in the world in face to face services, hands-on interactions, in direct and personal work. Our online interactions in parallel fora are not for the public and are hidden in back pages or private emails and are encrypted because they are protected by confidentiality, HIPPA privacy protections, individual service contracts, and authentications for access by registered staff and students.  It is not our purpose to host online fora for general public interest.  We hope the few public pages here are encouragements to those on their way to maturity – “Solid food is for those who are mature, who through training have the skill to recognize the difference between right and wrong” (Hebrews 5:14, New Living Translation).

The practical purposes of full-time training are to hear the Holy Spirit identify specific missions, and call forth specific skills, and fashion specific tasks into plans for each mission, and then for us to do our part to accomplish each mission with a high degree of mastery – blessed with even higher degrees of Mercy and Grace. We confess the temptation to worship our commitments.  The Truth is that we can do nothing on our own.  Even our best obedience accomplishes nothing – without Blessing.  For more on the purposes of these commitments, please see Armies of Davids in Revolution Commitments.

For impossible missions in more specific detail (click this link) – a final purpose is to experience the lasting goodness of the Holy Spirit molding us into corps of mutual trust, discipline, creativity in trials and errors, sustained vocational integrity, and full-time teamwork in mutual back and forth flows of leadership and followership, double-checking each other’s work, and learning mutually from each other – if we remain willing and obedient (Isaiah 1:19) in this Process of discipleship to the end, the Spirit creates in us ever-increasing humility and mastery for serving others in effective Love.  

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