Technical – Love is the Ontogenetic Source of Trust – by Micheal, and Celie∞Hilbert

This is  an experience proof.  Or an existential proof. 

Love starts as a sense of Presence in undifferentiated and global-felt- loving-presence and Love progressively becomes differentiated across the span of an entire lifetime, generating as a result progressively differentiated experiences of states of trust across various domains of human action, including in domains of science and religion as species (and sometimes both as psuedo-species) of differentiated trusts,  manifested in judgments of trustworthy or untrustworthy behaviors.  

The metric for trust is to invest trust in any object in proportion to the trustworthiness or untrustworthiness of the object trusted. 

Trust is extremely highly metric in all hard sciences, is somewhat less highly metric, but is metric still to a great extent, in social sciences and in law, and trust is either ubiquitously metric with infinite results (for good and for ill) in religion as “religion,” or is most profoundly person-specific, address-specific, and time-specific in all actions  (at least these three axes, in acts-praxes πρᾶξις of the Spirit, where ‘acts’ are the vectors of movement and dimension) motivated and moved in humans, acting under the Holy Spirit.  

See e.g., @ Acts-Praxes πρᾶξις of the Spirit

The ontogenetic source of metric-trust is Love.

Epigenetics and synergetic effects play a yet intractable-to-metrics source of physical manifestations in the hard sciences, and in human sciences such as is the case with many mental and physical illness.  

It is not the purpose of this one comment to explore existential proofs for demonic influences and especially not for demonic ‘possession’ as auxiliary metrics and diagnostic criteria for those medical practitioners who do advise and oversee such procedures.  The results of errors in the metrics and criteria used in such diagnoses are potentially catastrophic.  

eds., via email, Micheal M.D., and Celie∞Hilbert, Mathematician, Researcher

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Training Focus – Research in Mathematics (PhD) ~ teaching and research as a visiting scholar and faculty in various universities, government agencies, and research labs ~ design contributor for programs teaching math to gifted high school students ~ mentoring students to design novel and valid measures to test for on-earth physical effects of full-time intercession and our missions in service, to measure results of our work in the field for 'on earth’ results ~ especially to criticize our false or misleading claims in order to make our services better and more effective ~ and especially measures to test the miracle claims of charismatics and Pentecostals ~ I am Pentecostal and a member of a local Assemblies of God church ~ some charismatic/Pentecostals want, and some to not want, to be tested in order to learn from mistakes to make their service ever more Refined ~ I “test all things” and do not settle for say-anything charismatic claims ~ see the “measure of faith” essay in the bio page ~ “God has the Big Book of Numbers and all the Beautiful Proofs.”

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