War ~ and Revival? ~ what are they Good for? ~ War and Revival mean more than Survival

submitted by ACS/JR

Thanks to others who took time to explore, test, correct, and edit the following dream.

A new dream this month (May 2021) presented these words in progression as Whispered  –  “ôrd” ~  “ôrdo” ~ “ôrder.

Echos of these words inside the dream trailed off as if onto the horizon as the dream ended – inviting prayer, study, Conversation.

The dream and words are just samples today that stand in the long line of history that fulfill this promise:

“In the last days, God says,
    I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
    your young men will see visions,
    your old men will dream dreams” (Acts 2-7)

and more,

…  a crowd came together … each one heard … in his own language …” (Acts 2:6).

Of special importance for now is, “heard … in his own language …”  (Acts 2:6).  The phoentic sounds of these words in the dream resembled English with a slight audible difference.   And more, the words in the dream – “ôrd” ~  “ôrdo” ~ “ôrder” – had a felt-order as a progression.   I awakened and researched these words.  I discovered these words originate in my early heritage – Scandinavian – so that it is true today in a faint and inexact echo of Pentecost that each one “heard … in his own language …”  (Acts 2:6).    And these three words do represent a progression.  In this dream and in their histories – these words build upon one another.

Conversations and corrections with the Holy Spirit and with a small sample of other trainers and a few of my students – all giving insight, correction, confirmation, and open puzzlement too – these grew over several days.

The notes below are results of study, prayer, and interactive Conversation.

1. “ôrd” – (stick with Scandinavian heritage first, compare old Norse, dǫnsk tunga: and here as òrd in Bokmål, here, herehere in later Swedish, “to eat one’s words;” see earlier runes of the runic-pre-alphabetic, including Lord’s Prayer in old Norse).  The meaning of ôrd is ordering the world at the tip of a Sword or Spear (more below under medieval Swedish, ordo).  The “ôrd” — is the tip of the Spear or Sword.  This is both a physical-material sword with physical effects on earth, and more, ôrd also follows from the spiritual domain as the Spirit of God adds physical effects on earth to words and prayers (“The LORD was with Samuel as he grew up, and he let none of Samuel’s words fall to the ground,” 1 Samuel 3:19).  Thus òrd became a root for ‘word’ – especially a word that the Spirit of God enforced with physical and on-earth effects.  The ‘word’ as a sword or a spear that orders the world is sharply expressed also as — the Sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17).  The world is given ôrd-order by the sword or spear of the Spirit in two  ways:  1) inward heart movements, creating in us a right spirit and clean heart (“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me,” Psalm 51:10, English Standard Version), and, 2) physical effects on-earth (John 1:1-3, the Word created all things) .  And to repeat, through mere humans, the Lord let none of the words of Samuel fall to the ground (Samuel 3:19;  the corrupt priests Eli and his sons died as Samuel spoke and predicted, 1 Samuel 2:34;  King Saul died just as Samuel spoke, 1 Chronicles 10:13;  David became King as Samuel spoke, 1 Samuel 16:13;  and, lost donkeys were found as Samuel spoke it, 1 Samuel 9).  For extra emphasis on ordinary humanity and prayers answered by the Sword of the Spirit with physical effects that resulted in ôrd-order in the world:  “Elijah was a human being, even as we are. He prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the land for three and a half years” (James 5:17, NIV).  For the effect of Life, the Sword of the Word spoke, “Lazarus, come forth!,” (John 11:43 and following).  For the effect of death, the Sword of the Spirit spoke, Ananias and Sapphira, “Struck Dead,” more on Ananias and Sapphira in paragraph #3, below.

Application:  this dream asks first for simple attention.  The dream starting with the Whispered word — “ôrd” —  aims the spear and sword of the Spirit inwardly in my heart first and for the purpose of ordering my life from the inside out to result in a new work with new results in expanding new varieties of physical effects.  As to physical effects on earth, I consider myself no Samuel nor Elijah – but, I have seen physical effects on-earth creating new ôrd-worlds on earth because the Holy Spirit acted as a Sword to resolve contentions and set new goals in over 28,000 completed cases across 40 years:  many in cases of ‘informal justice’ here in the United States, on analogy to the lost donkeys found informally without any formal conflict, that is, solving problems outside of court in obedience to the command to settle out of court when possible (see the command to settle outside of court, Luke 12:58, and Matthew 5:25;  and for ‘informal justice’ as a cross-cultural and international practice, see United Nations Definition of Informal Justice), and some effects created by the Holy Spirit have come in formal legal cases in courts of law in 7 states, and yet other results have been in cases of formal psychological counseling (certified TJTA for individual, pre-marital, marital, family, and group counseling) and with counseling integrated into resolving conflicts with physical effects outside of court, through peaceful steps of ‘informal justice,’ and still other effects in cases have been created by the Spirit in cases of spiritual mentorship and prayer (the case of Elijah praying and it did not rain is a case of answered prayer having physical effects, James 5:17, NIV) — in all of these cases, the Holy Spirit created inward heart changes when heart changes would be received, and then physical effects in behaviors with other physical effects on earth following in their train.  Not everyone represented in these 28,000 cases spanning 40 years has gotten the result they desired.  Some parties to these cases have been crooked, corrupt, not in the right, and exposed to the tip of the Sword of the Spirit of correction (compare the deceit of the Gibeonites who fraudulently posed before Joshua as poor and needy, in Joshua chapter 9, and 9:9), an old and ancient form of deceit of fake victimhood, well known today in pro bono (free) cases.  Compare also, Ananias and Sapphira, “Struck Dead” for more deceit, and with more about this religious deceit in paragraph #3, below).  In these many cases across 40 years, the Spirit of God worked physical effects on-earth in nearly innumerable variations.  Some effects blessed good.  Some effects  destroyed evil work.  This history of work in over 28,000 completed cases across 40 years is not what is new in this dream.  What is new in this new dream, Whispering first the new word — ôrd — is about a new and next step in my world of obedience, defined next.

2. ôrdo” – (this second word too has a Scandinavian etymology;  put aside British etymology temporarily, although Scandinavian and British meanings merged because Danelaw ruled parts of Britain and united these two languages, cultures, and legal systems for a solid century, and with Danish law and earlier Nordic customs, language, and culture influential in Britain before and after Danelaw;  so the Scandinavian and British words – ôrdo” – merge;  focus now especially on the medieval Swedish word, ‘ordo‘).  Beyond Danelaw in Britain, and focusing on the United States, Scandinavians settled the new world early on  – New Sweden before the British.  And Dutch New Amsterdam preceded New York.  There is a point here:  Scandinavian “ôrdo” became Latinized in “ordo” in “novus ordo,” which still appears on the back of U.S. Great Seal.  “Novus” as new;  “ordo” as world – hence, “new world.”  And much of the new world taken at the point of a sword – not always righteous – see comments by Abraham Lincoln, below.  See also, Fatal Naming Rituals, “in the laboratories of the New World.” As in religious histories throughout the world,  new worlds are sometimes defined in forms piety (pick your favorite synonym) that seek to make a real difference in the world (example see, Scandinavian Pietists Spiritual Writings for 19th Century Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland) and this hope for ‘piety’ to make a difference still exists across many nations today in hopes of creating physical effects on-earth through revivals of holiness, and with or without law (for a Scandinavian version of Pilgrim’s Progress without the Danelaw,  see hymns about physical healing in her personal case by Sweed, Lina Sandell).  For reasons why hopes exist for piety to make a difference in the world, please compare the notes immediately below on Harold Hadrata.  We face today endless conspiracy theories as throughout human history, conspiracies about this or that New World Order among many nations continually at war and in economic competitions to keep each other in check and prevent world domination.  The Spirit is commanding me to keep this point about an ordo-world in mind, but not to solve every new conspiracy theory, rather because this extension of “ôrd” into a new ôrdo-world will become Relevant soon for a new form of personal obedience – a new ‘world’ in a newly ordered ôrdo-world of obedience.

Application:   First, I am not indulging 1,001 conspiracy theories about New World Orders.  Second, I am not indulging stupidity about Scandinavian superiority (Harold Hadrata fell, arrogant in his riches, military successes, and his worship of cruelty) – my sense is that on this side of a Better Time, the Sword of the Spirit has left many nations of the earth in competition with one another, and with many nations used by God to humble each other – the Spirit creating this system of never ending checks and balances, and preventing world domination by any single human Tower of Babel.  Expressions from many world religions, and not only the Hebrew scriptures and other Ancient Near Eastern Texts, are replete with references about nations used by God constantly to check and restrain each other.  No one ôrdo-world gets all the Power.  None.  My notes about Scandinavian roots are not meant as triumphalism.  I do like Scandinavian design furniture!   And Scandinavian minimalism.  I haven’t tried Danish Mikkeller Beer Geek Vanilla Shake (Bourbon Edition).   Sounds like they were drunk when they named it.  Give the Danes time – they will find a way to say the Holy Spirit spoke that name for their beer in tongues.  So I’m not all-in.  Third, with regard to the United States, see more below about Abraham Lincoln’s view of God’s Judgments at work in the Civil War.  This is my sense of competitions between the nations on this side, and short of Perfection.  Fourth, my best focus in this new dream is a focus on what I can do in my small part of this world — this ôrdo” — this world of my own obedience.  I confess that the following new obedience placed on me in practice and with physical effects on-earth is not yet fully clear to me.  Because of this new dream, I feel a deep trust – and a knowing, and more than a knowing –  a knowing that I know (1 John 2:3) – that it will become increasingly clear what future physical details on-earth will come into existence through Blessings on my obedience.  Fifth, just one part of Your new ‘world’ for me is to obey Your simple and  doable command for me to invest full-time in training full-time residency students.  Sixth, this full-time training is not a mere metaphor, not mere poetic spiritual words, but this full-time training in practice is in exact equivalency to time committed by full-time surgical students in residency training in major universities that have advanced full-time residency programs in surgical specialties, namely, this time commitment is at the level of up to 80+ hours per week.  I have personally completed three such residencies:  1) in biology field work, honors colloquium studies in biological/ethological origins of human laws, 2) in advanced legal residency, 3) in clinical psychological counseling post-graduate residency aimed specifically at integrating counseling into ‘informal justice‘ to solve problems outside of court – and across all of these internships, discerning, listening, praying, receiving how the Holy Spirit intersects to bless and use these tools – these tools are just tools, and they can be used for ends in willing hearts moved by the Holy Spirit.  Knowledge puffs up;  humility means submitting these tools to the service of God.  I have never considered teaching other full-time students.  This is a new ordo-world for me – the practice of full-time training of others.  Seventh, this new world of obedience is practical and doable. I am already doing this work of full-time training with10 full-time students.  I am not making clones.  I am training full-time students in practices noted above, namely, in informal justice for solving problems outside of court, and in doing formal justice in courts of law that end in formal court-judgments with physical effects, and training in formal and informal clinical psychological counseling, and further training in spiritual mentorship in full-time prayer seeking physical effects on earth just like Elijah and Samuel above.  One key about this new world of full-time training:  residency hospitals own their in-house residency students because the students have applied for such learning in the first place, and because the students have made covenant-commitments to these 80+ hour work weeks after voluntarily applying and then next by voluntarily accepting full-time residency positions for learning – and serving – in that specific hospital.  In my case, no:  I am not the owner of any students.  No: I am not the Hospital.  The same Hospital with the Cross on the outside owns me. I simply work inside at full-time training in practical cases.  More about this Hospital with medical-physical connotations and medical effects in the next paragraph #3, below.  Eighth, this commitment itself, namely, to work 80+ hour weeks is not new for me.  I have worked at this level of commitment in the 28,000 completed cases and across 40 years in the field.  In the most difficult cases of the most severely troubled clients and patients, whether in services in ‘informal justice,’ or in counseling cases, and also in legal work in court cases, the most difficult cases have amounted to impossible cases that I cannot do alone, because these cases demanded integration into best medical, psychiatric, legal, and spiritual collaborations in teams.  Nothing less.  This level of work has been underway for nearly 40 years for me as an individual, and in mandatory collaborations with teams.  What’s new for me – in this ôrdo as a new world of obedience what’s new is the novelty of the world of serving in full-time mentoring of full-time students who want to do this work of 100% integration of obedience to the Holy Spirit and working in all these services – not as part-time commitments, but full-time.  This world (ordo) of full-time training is new to me.  Others here have been training in this world of full-time training a much longer while.  I admire them.  I am learning from them.  At this work, I am a new child on the block.

3. ôrder – this word is the third of the three words Whispered in the dream.  Sometimes in Danish, “bestille,” as in “an order, or a commission, or to book a table.”  Bestille is okay, but not exact enough in this context.  The Whispered word was ôrder – and whispered in the dream with a slight Scandinavion overtone, not as a German umlat, but like mixing in English the sound “uuh” then into a weak “a” – impossible to describe in printed words here, and nonethless slight as Whispered.  Slight, but just clear enough, to make me really curious.  Stick with “ôrder” (possibly reference for pronunciation in the modern alphabet, ö).  The word refers to Your overall order in general, and this word refers also to Your specific orders on earth in creating physical effects, among all the many specific other orders to everyone else who obeys Your many orders.  Order here is almost identical to ôrdo (‘world’) above;  except that ôrder focuses on the results of Your many orders to many people, creating together the result of ôrder.   It’s a subtle difference.  Perhaps, almost indistinct in some cases.  The subtle difference is that any world (ôrdo) could amount to a world in total chaos as a world without any order.  This chaotic state does exist in all physical substances and in all social orders too, under enough temperature and pressure.  The word —  ôrder  — was the third word of the total three words Whispered to me in this new dream and it does add something new in the overall progression of Your words – it adds the result of order in contrast to permanent chaos and permanent randomness (as in behaviors of gasses).   The Spirit may act in Pressure to break up and cause chaos to some existing orders dedicated to evil, but then, Hope exists for a new and better result of ôrder.

Application:  One example (already introduced above), is Your new order for me to commit to full-time training of students who already have full-time commitments in place.  In this first application, You did put me under Pressure to cause some chaos and break-up of my old order (see immediately above) of my history of field experience so that You could settle me into this new order to do full-time training.  A second application includes Your order for me to learn with and to learn from others in full-time residency as we practice together in teams serving specific cases.  A third application is that these new orders and my commitment to obey them sometimes come into operating effects before I know all the facts and all the details about how, when, where, what cases to take, and what cases not to take, and with whom – as You order me to train and learn in service.  A fourth application and a key – as an ôrder – of life and death importance is that Your orders apply to me to work with those who are obeying in contrast to those who are lying about obeying full-time (for lying about being fully-committed, see Ananias and Sapphira, “Struck Dead,” and see the whole article by N.T. scholar, Greg Keener, and thanks to Illyrian (EOL) and to Greg Keener for this life and death reference).  A fifth application is that I have chopped deadwood people and their deadwood works out of the order of my time – as dead – to any demand on my time.  This removal of deadwood means that Ananias and Sapphira and their lies about being fully-committed do not exhaust the many meanings of ‘dead.’  There are many modes of being ‘dead’ to full-time service in You.  A sixth application is for me to quit working with part-time students.  This order applies because full-time students exist and full-time students are waiting for me to be available to train them.  This new part of Your order came as a big surprise.  This order to work only with full-time students became confirmed over time through at least five people.  All five people spoke into my life and these five people do not even know each other.  A few called me without me first expressing my recent orders and dreams from You.  These five people gave me strongest words of confirmation in a very strong sequence of confirmations to work only with full-time students who want to practice – and not just talk about it, but who actually want to practice, and who will practice working at this high level of commitment.  For just one example, a specific command to me came through a senior mentor – “Quit training boot camp.  Boot camp is over.  There are serious soldiers who want advanced training and who want to go all the way.”   For other examples, two other people who did not talk to each other, these two separately saw an almost identical vision:  a vision of a line of people standing in a specific line and waiting for me to step up to the next level to do full-time training with them.  In these visions, I was causing a delay to their full-time training.  I later learned – painfully – that this delay caused by me was true in real life.  This time, I felt that I was the lost donkey – standing on a bridge and blocking traffic.  This specific order to do full-time training (and to drop deadwood and drop part-time students in boot camp, because others exist to train boot camps) – these specific orders already have new physical effects with me working with 10 full-time students in residency and doing real cases.  A seventh application is that this new work includes removing necrotic death-tars invasively killing patients from within (more on work against necrotic death-tars, below).  I feel that my limit to full-time students is set at about twelve.  I am not recruiting.  These relationships happen by Divine Appointment.  I cannot create them.  Only obey on my end.  There is much more below on numbering and on measurements of physical effects in these cases.  An eighth application of obedience is for me to learn new levels of practical cooperation with other full-time trainers who have offices and their own specific orders to work on an advanced floor, on the 9th Floor, of a training Hospital with the Cross on the outside (more soon below: this Hospital is from another dream, a ‘legacy’ dream about a Legacy Hospital, and notes below about how this Hospital with the Cross on the outside, how this exists in real life).  The point for now is for me to work in cooperation inside the Legacy Hospital shared with other full-time trainers.  A ninth application is that our shared legacy dreams of passing along our legacies of long-acquired experience in the Holy Spirit includes the practical work of ‘surgically removing’ from surgery patients on the 9th Floor vast quantities of necrotic-dead tissues entangled with death-tars.  Worse, sometimes in these dreams and in physical cases in real life, we as teams are removing massive volumes of severely extreme, nearly fossilized, very heavy and ultra dark death-tars, fully necrotic materials buried deep inside visceral body cavities, invasively killing patients.   One most important practical application of this dream about removing necrotic tars is explained across biological and medical sciences, as summarized in, The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma – with medical and biological sciences increasingly showing fact-based and clinical findings that pain and trauma are stored physically in our viscera, and that our pain and trauma from the past stay embedded bodily, indwelling in our physical bodies, and despite seasons of dormancy when we wrongly may feel the pain is gone, this stored-up bodily pain retraumatizes us given certain external triggers, until physical pain stored in our body, especially stored in our viscera, is removed by medical and psychotherapeutic interventons, and more, as sometimes is acknowledged by cultural psychiatry, embodied pain can sometimes be removed by competent spiritual counseling — either way, this bodily-stored pain must be removed instead of naively trusting that the pain is gone in moments of dormancy — and so, this dream of pulling necrotic death-tar out of patients’ internal body cavities has real, medical, physical science, bodily applications on-earth — in our cases, to bring victims into a new healing — ôrder.   Now, the subtle difference between “ôrdo” (world) and ôrder (an orderly instead of chaotic world) is this very important difference, namely, that without this healing, patients live in an ôrdo-world of hurt, pain and suffering, until their old ôrdo-world of suffering and pain is brought into a new ôrder of medical, physical, and spiritual, for those who want it, health, healing, and Life.


It’s amazing, really, that the above three words Whispered in the original progression – “ôrd” ~  “ôrdo” ~ “ôrder” – resulted in all this revelation and practical application.   The following additional sequence of words and applications came through many more days of follow-up prayers, study, reflection, ongoing curiosity, and in generous answers to prayers asking more and more, how to obey?


4.  “ôrdinal” – as in ordinal numbers.  Distinguish ordinal numbers used as tools among other numbers for specific mathematical measurements in tracking with mathematical and clinical exaction the fact-based empirical results, measured before and after surgeries.  In history, ôrdinal numbers helped to measure the King and Queen’s Peace.  The King and Queen’s Peace is measurable by ordinal numbers when the King and Queen’s orders are exactly expressed.  Contrast clear and exact orders with orders that are sloppily expressed in foggy, vague, ambiguous, and excessively plural language, and how vague orders are abused by inexact, sloppy, half-hearted, lukewarm obedience.  Clear measurements based on clear orders serve as feedback to willing servants acting under the King’s orders, and let servants know whether their specific obedience as measured in on-earth results satisfies the requirements of the King and Queen’s Peace.  In this regard related to measurements of the king and queen’s peace, it is not trivial that among the earliest forms of human communication, before inventions of human alphabets, including  inventions of biblical alphabets, early humans used raw and inexact marking-measurements, such as proto-Ugaritic. and other pre-alphabetic markings in earliest and primitive modes of accounting (scribbles in clay, dirt, scratches on stone), and for recording of contracts (stone heaps, and stone and wooden steles, wooden slabs and stone obelisks). and early humans used crude counting marks for tax collection (pictographs of numbers of taxable domesticated animals, taxable crops, taxable lands), and crude pictographic etchings for numbers of soldiers dedicated to keeping the King and Queen’s Peace.  Humans are biological-innately mathematical (see, Stanislas Dehaene on biologically innate calculations in humans).  Our earliest forms of calculations for mutual accounting lacked advanced mathematical properties of exaction and precision that were later achieved using ordinal and cardinal numbers, but all still measuring the King and Queen’s Peace.  Compare early biblical examples using alpha-numeric words for accounting the King and Queen’s Peace, as recorded in — “MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN” (Aramaic/Ancient Syrian, “divided, numbered, weighed”), and hence, “you [kings, rulers, politicians] have been divided, numbered, weighed, measured, and found wanting.”  Literally a judgment destroying their kingdom that night.  Consider a complimentary measurement, namely,  qualitative measures added in addition to quantitative measurements – such as in the positive qualitative blessing – “well-done My good and faithful servant, enter into the Joy of your Lord.”  The King is the King of Measurement.  The Lord is the King of Quality – Joy.

Application:  Varieties of advanced mathematics (using ordinals or cardinal numbers through Dedekind numbers) produce measurements to track with clinical exaction the fact-based, empirical results of hard data measured before and after our interventions (e.g., surgeries, medical, counseling, legal, ‘informal justice’ interventions, and charismatic claims).  Some of these maths are mappable to spiritual care too;  with Ananias and Sapphira (link above) as a baseline for dead-as-dead-can-be.  Or for the baseline of Life in Lazarus, “come forth!” (John 11:43).  See more in paragraphs below about measurements.  One application of this kind of measurement includes daily prayer in order to know and take correction about what mappable measure of obedience-unto-Life am I operating in – today?   I know how to do, and how to peer review fancy statistical studies (member,  Society for the Scientific Study of Religion).  Numbers and measurements are sometimes of a little value to clients in businesses, professions, vocations, other sciences, and skilled trades.  A final and unexpected note about statistics, numbers, measurements – I expected the raw number in the total number of cases to increase rather than decrease in my work of full-time training.  This increase has not been the case.  In the 28,000 former cases that I have completed before doing full-time training, I could expect to have between 25-45 open cases at one time, depending on the complexity of cases, especially in occasional impossibly complex class actions and large-scale impact cases (one went to the Supreme Court) that took years to complete.   This number of cases in raw volume has not increased, and not even with students having and bringing their own cases for us to work together.  A total surprise.  I do not know whether this trend will hold across the future, but for now, the relatively flat-line of the raw volume in the numbers of cases, consistent with the past, seems to hold constant because these cases that we do as teams involve a greater percentage of complex, difficult cases, and very difficult cases of pulling necrotic death-tars out of patients – perhaps as might be expected in the first place with residency programs in training hospitals reserving and assigning the most difficult cases to full-time trainers and full-time students, as a built-in part of full-time residency training.  I am not sure whether this trend in the raw volume of the total number of cases will hold steady over time.  We are rigorous not to entertain idle claims with ‘say-anything’ bragging about exaggerated effects of faith – we use hard measurements and metrics of cardinal and ôrdinal numbers to test, to double-check, examine – to verify and falsify – the physical results of our work.  No one gets a free hall-pass just because they claim a special relationship with the Holy Spirit.  Quite the opposite.  The Holy Spirit demands that we test all things (1 Thessalonians 5:21).  We are not interested in selling snake-oil religious claims that kill.   There are not shortcuts.

… more refinement needed in paragraphs below, Sufficient for now  …

5. “ôrdinary” – as in reference to an ordinary priest or to politician-priests in parishes (Danish Reformed Calvinist, Scandinavian Catholics, and compare Peter Stuyvesant [1610-1672], Director-General New Amsterdam, and his Dutch Reformed zeal in New Amsterdam).  Ordinary may still refer today to “ôrdinary” priests, as diocesan-church priests (Catholics in Scandinavia and elsewhere), or ordinary may refer to other ôrdinary pastors, priests, and ministers in other faith-families.  These ordinaries stand in contrast to extra-ôrdinary servants of the King (see knights below).  Not all ordinaries serve as priests.  Ordinaries may be any servant among many servants in ordinary levels of duty.  Compare below, elevated and extra-ôrdinary orders and note: extra-ordinaries are still not above the Pope in Catholicism, and are not above the Bishop in ever-splitting churches of United Methodism, nor above other hierarchies defined in the classic five forms of church government-polity. With the idolatry and lust for  mega-churches, there is almost a contempt for ordinary, humble, and patient parish pastors and priests.  See just one example, AS1-945SM – Are Bivocational Clergy Becoming a New Norm?  Contempt for humble service is sometimes whipped into fever frenzy by some common lusts for Big Revivals  – see more below on Revivals.  For now, Francis of Assisi is a worthy patron of simplicity, quietness, work in patient obscurity, humble love and care.

Application:  Ordinary duties exist all around. Standard duties rest on us all, such as the legal standard of due care of reasonable foresight not to cause harm, and ordinary duties such as simple obedience to statutory laws, like obeying traffic lights.  And thousands of other ordinary duties.  A special note:  a person may have elevated extra-ordinary authority (more next) and still remain under obligations to obey ordinary expectations and perform ordinary duties.  Ordinary mores as social norms that are also sometimes worked into ordinary laws – these vary from culture to culture.  Special forces soldiers with extra-ordinary authority are expected to know and submit to cultural norms and laws as far as possible – in order to operate covertly in obscurity and without loud public notice.  See again, Francis of Assisi.

6. extra-ôrdinary” – some comments about extra-ordinary authority are above in contrasts between ordinary and extra-ordinary authority and duties.  In  practice through history,  both “ôrdinary” and extra-ôrdinary” servants have worked together as supplicants and as executioners of God’s judgments.   This extra-ordinary judgment is exactly what happened in the case of Ananias and Sapphira where Peter announced in church the judgment of God during a revival – see Ananias and Sapphira, “Struck Dead,” see the whole article by N.T. scholar, Greg Keener.   A first and a prime New Testament example of an extra-ordinary judgment – and during an earliest revival.  And compare again, Stuyvesant as extra-ordinary priest-political power-judge, issuing judgments in New Amrsterdam.  One kind of extra-ordinary authority (in contrast to ordinary authority) is exactly in issuing judgments – both ex-parte judgments, and, sua-sponte judgments.  Both kinds of judgments result in physical effects on-earth and these effects are measured and specific judgments.  Many extra-ordinary servants have the authority of executing judgments.  These extra-ordinary forms of authority help define ordinary authority (above) by standing in contrast to it.  Extra-ordinary authority has been practiced throughout history, and now, is sometimes practiced in elevated forms of military special services, to this day using insignias, patches, and emblems (like coats of armor) taken from old orders of knights, such as elevated Army Rangers, or even moreso, the further elevated Delta Rangers operating in elevated delta-measures of extra authority as departures from lesser powers given other Rangers and other Special Forces (compare delta measures in economics, physics, and delta measures in any science), that is, with Delta special forces having discretion to judge specific battle situations, and then execute judgments by acting on them.  In yet another example, elevated Covert Jungle Rangers of Section 8 Crazy Jungle Corps (a training DVD based on real life, that we sometimes study together in close-study training-groups), these Section 8 Crazy soldiers acted in – both – ex-parte – and – sua-sponte – field judgments and then executed field judgments in war, and in the case of Section 8 Jungle Teams, they executed judgments even inside a fallen, crooked major military base (compare fallen knights, below).  See the film Basic as a spiritual film and paying attention to the spiritual music and frequent biblical references throughout.  It remains exactly True as Abraham Lincoln said – the Judgments of the Lord are Righteous and True Altogether, including the executed judgments of the Lord in wrath in our bloodiest Civil War, by repaying the blood drawn by slaveholders’ lashes with blood drawn from both sides in this bloodiest Civil War (see, “the wrath of man shall praise Thee,” Psalm 76:10) – such extra-ordinary judgments of the Lord are True (read for yourself Lincoln’s official statements about Judgment, in Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address).  Extra-ordinary judgments work either as – Mercy – to victims of demonic oppression, demonic possession, and Mercy to people possessed as slaves in demonic economies, or instead, extra-ordinary judgments of the Lord are True to doom and destroy evil works, including judgments on workers of evil in demonic economies who refuse to quit working at oppressive and enslaving evil. Lincoln followed after the Apostle Paul who cast out a demon of a demon-possessed soothsayer  who was an economic cash-cow – “she earned a great deal of money for her owners” – and then, Paul was beaten and left for dead on the road for destroying a demonic economy (Acts chapter 16, and especially verse 16 and following).  Paul may as well have been shot at Ford’s Theatre.

Application: I have already accumulated in my address book over 250 pastors from various denominations and independent local churches, pastors with whom I have collaboard in giving care to individuals across 40 years, and many of these pastors say they want the extra-ordinary ‘Revival!‘ – often in order to pack out their pews, so long as the extra-ordinary Revival looks just like their ordinary selves, so long as it does not cost too much.  How many pastors and others expecting the extra-ordinaryRevival‘ are willing to take the extra-ordinary beatings as Paul?  And Lincoln?  The extra-ordinary Revival is all good – until we suffer the extra-ordinary, “Politics of Exorcism.”   The focus here is on extra-ordinary judgments.  That bring extra-ordinary repercussions. The focus here is not on extra-ordinary people (for that, see paragraph above).  If there is any extra-ordinary Revival that goes beyond filling pews with adoring pew-puppies, then as one heroic priest said — “If you are going to follow Jesus … you better look good on wood.” Not in revival pews with Ananias and Sapphira.  This focus on extra-ordinary judgments (not on extra-ordinary people), may compare with what Michael (M.D.) will teach us in application using the new book by Richard Gallagher, Demonic Foes: My Twenty-Five Years as a Psychiatrist Investigating Possessions, Diabolic Attacks, and the Paranormal,” (naturalized by cultural psychiatry).  What extra-ordinary services and judgments will come as extra-ôrdinary Revival Effects?  – as we take extra-ordinary authority to command out demons in the Name of Jesus?  Compare, false ‘Revivalist’ and charismatic King Saul, using his extra-ordinary kingly authority to loot, plunder, to do unjust wars, rape, and to enslave vulnerable peoples and then lie about it by saying that he did all God commanded him to do.   These comments about Lincoln and Paul taking extra-ordinary repercussions like beatings and getting shot are not idle poetry:  see below for concrete applications about how some of my students have been shot at, threatened with Uzzis and knives, beaten, and some work under constant threats of physical violence.  Revival means more than survival – it means pushing back and destroying works of evil.  “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil” (1 John 3:8).  And for that, we Crucified Him. When Jesus said to count the costs (Luke 14:28), then Jesus did not mean counting the numbers of church meetings attended.  They had plenty church attendance in Jesus’ time.  When He tried to Clean it up, they killed Him.  Count the costs that Jesus paid — as extra-ôrdinary.

7. “ôrdnance” – as in military-issue ordnance.  Ordnance given all armed forces special divisions for, 1) storage, safekeeping, 2) transport and, 3) distribution of all ammunitions, weapons, and related military equipment – but only to  appropriate ôrdinary or extra-ôrdinary soldiers – this is the equipping of the saints, and the putting on all the weapons of our material and spiritual warfare combined.  At appropriate levels for each ôrdinary or extra-ôrdinary soldier in battle.  For example, we don’t give buck privates rocket-launching hypersonic helicopters.  We don’t give lieutenants charge of Nimitz-class aircraft carriers. Nor does God give any mere human army or General a warship Dyson Sphere Infinite in War in all Directions.  This affectionate reference to the extra-ordinary physicist, Freeman Dyson, a believer, is that Dyson held that some powers of magnitude – like being Infinite in All Directions – in his faith-based Gifford Lectures at Aberdeen, Scotland – these are infinities that are reserved for God Alone.   We always try and grasp – at infinite ammunition.  Next, compare the life-and-death need for Aaron and Hur Level intercessors holding up Moses’ hands in hottest battles in war.  The Big Revival came to Egypt and set people free.  After the Big Revival  gave freedom, then the people were numbered for war (Numbers 1:45).  In the middle of the Big Revival, war came hunting after them (Exodus 17:11 and following).  Aaron and Hur had to get up out of pews and hold up Moses’s hands – in hottest battle – a battle unto life and death.   War came after Big Revival.  War came to them.  War hunted them.  Moses alone could not hold the ôrdnanceof God of his own office.  His need for Aaron and Hur level intercessors – was life and death.  Compare immediately above, holy knights taking God’s “ôrdnance” for selfish purposes and then dying of Black Death.  Compare King Saul.  Contrast, holy knight El Cid who died in battle, despite many pleadings of his beloved wife asking him to spare her of guaranteed widowhood, but El Cid made no excuses and inspired a nation and knights everywhere.  Not parodied (as some say), but beloved and immortalized by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, the Spanish writer as the greatest writer of all time in the Spanish language, since we are honoring all languages under Acts 2:6.  Ordinance is designed to have on-earth effects.  Without use in results and effects, “ôrdnance” is wasted.  Will Revival bring “ôrdnance?” Or, pew-puppies wandering in the Wilderness, hoping for someone else to discharge the load of “ôrdnance?

Application:  “ôrdnance” applies to the sum total of our spiritual gifts integrated by the Holy Spirit into our learned skills too, used in full-time prayer and practical service, together as teams including Aaron and Hur intercessors.  See especially the excellent list of spiritual gifts that have on-earth and physical effects in necessary teams, in the post by Jedburgh/SOESM entitled, “Armies of Davids ~ in Revolution Commitments.”  The real ôrdnance of ammunition is our obedience to every spoken word of God.  Every word of God calling forth all our spiritual gifts and learned skills and in teams – our ôrdnance for pulling necrotic death-tar out of victims as teams – is our obedience to the Holy Spirit.  In teams.  Full-time.  Nothing less.

8. “ôrdinance” – law, laws, and passing of laws appropriate to the Kingdom of God at war with competing “laws” of dark, and very dark kingdoms.  Ordinances are worthless (Paul says the law is weak, Romans 8:3), unless laws are backed up by Power and Demonstrations.  Without Enforcement, laws are only a form of godliness and without the Power.  No Power, all words;  just talk.  All ordinances require Law Enforcement of Authorized Power that creates the physical order on-earth that is outlined in ordinances.  It is said that El Cid, though I cannot prove this and will take it under Holy advisement – it is said that El Cid was the only knight who could make a “king swear” a new ôrdinance that El Cid would die to enforce.  El Cid did.  For his King.  Will there be a Revival of obedience?  Part-time obedience?  – with Ananias and Sapphira, “Struck Dead” in the heat of Revival and just faking it?  Or, a Revival of full-time obedience?

Application:  this section of application regarding laws deserves more attention.  It’s amazing that one group who suffered greatly from religious persecutions from all sides in religious wars were the early Anabaptists – forbears of contemporary Baptists who take strong stands against too much religious interference intruding into civil laws, including Baptist groups defending the rights of Muslims to wear hijabs at work, and Baptists opposing excessive travel restrictions against Muslims.  Baptists in particular know by hard and tortured religious experience the evils that excessive religious influences can work through civil laws as ôrdinances.  See, Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty.  It’s equally false to single out for blame ‘liberal’ Christians for acts of civil disobedience to our civil laws, see e.g., Civil Disobedience: An American Tradition.

9. “ôrdinanatum” – the cumulative sum-total of all above in physical effects and material results of the Kingdom of God – on-earth. Including work of angels.  All under the Holy Spirit at work on-earth. This word, “ôrdinanatum,” is typically a masculine-accusative (accusative = man at war) part of speech,  And “ôrdinanatum” can refer also to women in the feminine-accusative (accusative = women at war).  For example,  beloved Queen Elizabeth of England, yes!, “long live this Queen!” – most importantly for Elizabeth reversing her king-father’s demon possession (or, severe medical-psychiatric multiple conditions, for those who prefer to naturalize it), aka Elizabeth reversing the madness of Henry VIII in declaring himself Pope and then killing his wives fast or slow, which demonic precedent Elizabeth conquered before her other, perhaps lesser conquests.  Long live this Queen.  Contrast the demon-possessed Dark Queen, Lady Macbeth, another woman at war and murdering the good King Duncan, and murdering the King’s Peace throughout the whole nation – a personified evil with many historical and real-life precedents, on-earth. There exists an awesome story – with some historical truth – about the woman-warrior leader of Vikings at the edge of pre-Christian times, Aud the Deep Minded, who commanded Viking sailors to sail her to faraway Iceland where she became beloved and immortalized by the Viking men because in her deep-minded generosity and love, she set them all free to live as freemen on Iceland, with no cruel sovereignty in their early and fragile democracy.  Her deep-minded generosity and love did not last forever because dark Lady-Macbeth queens on Iceland had their turns at dark queenly reigns.  On the Good side with Aud the Deep Minded,  see Deborahs and Jaels all  – male and female, all parts in the total ôrdinanatum of the Kingdom of God on-earth.  In the masculine, compare full-time warrior, Jehoshaphat, looting after victory in war.  Perhaps take another look at El Cid. One caution about higher levels of authority in this overall Kingdom is the example of King Saul.  Saul used the Revival of War in his kingdom to steal, rob, rape, destroy, oppress vulnerable populations (Saul’s evil caused a bitter curse on the whole country that King David had to rectify because Saul would not), so the former charismatic Revivalist King Saul then lied by insisting that he “did all God commanded me to do!”   Cost Saul his lying life.  Cast out of God’s ôrdinanatum.  As to the larger evil ôrdinanatum, especially of religion and of religious spirits in demonic temple economies, see “we have no King, but Caesar!  Crucify this demon-possessed false-lord! – who has a demon, because he Cleansed our market place Temple!”  Judas got his 30 pieces of silver – in his diversified portfolio as his insurance policy just in case the Economy of Jesus failed.  This depth of evil through religious authorities applies across cultures and across world religions.  None are exempt – wherever Good in any form tries to Prevail.  But, Then Resurrection. And the continued conferral to us of Resurrection authority.

Application:  The first application to stand in the ôrdinanatum is to listen carefully to the Holy Spirit.  To hear.  To receive.  To be still and just know God. To listen.  We cannot even see the Kingdom of God without being born of the Holy Spirit (“Jesus answered and said to him, ‘Truly, truly, I say to you, except anyone be born from above, he is not able to see the kingdom of God'” (John 3:3, Berean Literal Bible). This ôrdinanatum of the Kingdom of God may or may not reflect interpretations and applications that Micheal (M.D.) will cover with us the new book by Richard Gallagher, Demonic Foes: My Twenty-Five Years as a Psychiatrist Investigating Possessions, Diabolic Attacks, and the Paranormal,” (naturalized by cultural psychiatry), where we take authority to order demons out.  Or to command demons and command evil otherwise to obey God’s Kingdom, and for those who have the courage of the mother and Queen, Prospera, in The Tempest, who loots the Devil first, then orders unrepentant demons and unrepentant evil men to obedience in serving her orders – to fetch her wood for fire, to give her the Navy ship and sailors of her adversary king, to impress her adversary’s resources against themselves, to take her back home against her adversaries’ previous rebellion against her in her homeland, to restore her dukedom, and commanding her enemies to restore her legacy inheritance for her daughter.  God will not be mocked in human sowing and reaping (again, see Ananias and Sapphira, “Struck Dead,” with Ananias and Sapphira more specifically judged for, a) pretending extra-ordinary commitment, and worse, b) pretending extra-ordinary commitments during the heat of Revival.  God means business – and this business exactly is part of the Good News.  See exactly these words spoken by the contrary and extra-ordinary visage of God’s true angel, the extra-ordinary angel Ariel, transformed temporarily into an extra-ordinary demon to execute extra-ordinary judgments on evil doers who pretended to be holy and religious, who pretended  to be God’s warriors, in Shakespeare’s The Tempest (the Dame Helen Mirren version, at her extra-ordinary dameliest, and executing judgments on evil through prayer and prayer alone).  Back to the original and first application of listening and receiving insight just to see the Kingdom — I take The Tempest much as I lauded Cervantes (above) in the Spanish language, that is, The Tempest is one of God’s greatest gifts to English listeners to hear the Gospel in full warfare terms, fulfilling the promise of the Baptism of the Spirit started at Pentecost, where “a crowd came together … each one heard … in his own language(Acts 2:6) – for English listeners to hear and see Good News Warfare conducted by prayer, and by prayer alone.  I’m no Shakespeare.  I’m an ordinary hearer and ordinary speaker of ordinary English.  I’m error-prone.  And weak.  In my smallest way, I have seen the Spirit of God moving in these tempests – many tempests – laced by prayer to bless good and destroy evil across 28,000 cases spanning 40 years – and taking my small turn now in mentoring others in their own full-time commitments to hear, see, learn – and do – the same.

Summary:  there are more layers to this step by step progression based on the first Whispers in the new dream, starting with the three raw words – “ôrd” ~  “ôrdo” ~ “ôrder.”  Pending:  compare, as for instructional, Order of Melchizedek as an earliest example of being ordered into an order for warfare with physical effects.  Thanks to Inigo auto-da-fé (SJ) for this heads-up.  For, I do have my hands full enough with full-time learning and mentoring.

I pray to keep up with my full-time students in service in the field, and with a few of them already shot at, threatened with death with Uzzis and knives, physically beat up.  And six other adults in full-time residency in oversight and care in 24/7 living in group homes for court-ordered troubled youth, and these full-time adults in residency facing violence and death threats in their work to redeem and Revivea revival that counts – youth under their full-time charge.  Not running away, abiding in Love and in Hope that some of these youth will turn around and in their own maturity – will serve others of their kind.

I cannot reveal many details of my service in the field for the past 40 years because of confidentiality and HIPPA privacy protections, except as I am given permission, or sometimes as I am given orders by clients and patients who want their stories passed along to bless others.   I prefer – more than I can say – to give my testimony on the streets, in homes, in businesses, in places outside in the world – rather than giving my testimony, as I have dozens of times, inside the stand-up and sit-down box churches. This practice on the streets was ingrained into me since age 13 – and what worthwhile church experience I did have (never better in church than on the streets) was experience with churches that did exactly the same work – not boxing the Spirit inside a barn and counting numbers – but ‘churches’ focused on going out as the church-on-the-Road (early Jesus People Movement).  It’s amazing now – staggering, really – that after all these years I get the extra-ordinary blessing of working with full-time students, never complaining, always learning, never making excuses, just soaking up everything, then always wanting more and more experience for practical service in the field – it staggers me how close I came to disobedience in settling for less, in thinking cowardly that no such full-time students exist today, especially not on exact analogy to full-time residency students in major training hospitals, eager to learn – eager to serve – in all that they can in 80+ hour work weeks.   I am the slow one on the block.  Other trainers here and elsewhere have been serving in full-time training for many years.  Grace – manifold grace (1 Peter 4:10).

A final note on measuring results –  I personally knew for years a retired account executive who worked regularly and for many years with Demos Shakarian (founder, Full Gospel Businessmen) – reporting to me that Shakarian taught that it is more efficient (efficiency – a typical businessperson’s world-wide, common language) – it is more efficient to train just one full-time worker in business fully to integrate obedience in the Holy Spirit into full-time business, than it is to add 100 new members to church pews.  I cannot speak for on-earth results of this axiom as applied by Shakarian.  There are, however, good measurements for this – “BF774 – Degrees of Influence – God’s Big Book of ‘Numbers.‘”

Pray for us.

In this new dream (your “old men will dream dreams,Acts 2-17) – the next step in application is to step up in practice to the next level and obey Your orders across all dimensions above.

May Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven (Matthew 6:10).


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  1. It is when I traveled from India to the city of Oxford north of London for my studies, then I see the magnificent structures that war has built.

    The big churches of attendance capacities for the Church of England are going down each year since I came in 2016.

    It is said in the statistics that only 11% of the population in the United Kingdom is going to church. Some say less than 5.0%.

    This percentage is among the lowest in all Europe.

    Yes, there are ones who want the Revival to fill up empty churches.

    Is this what War is for?

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