Book of Judges: Dissensus, Judgment, Justice, Warfare

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By request of Michael (M.D.) and Episcopal Maenad/KAV, I am linking this thread about the Book of Judges to our missions on the streets, here:  “Underground Moebius ~ UM-86 ∩ Romans 8:6-8 ~ Pure Inductive Learning.”   ~ Admin PLB Accountant, R. Roma.

Michael (M.D.) is promising to make connections to the Book of Judges from his upcoming study of, Demonic Foes: My Twenty-Five Years as a Psychiatrist Investigating Possessions, Diabolic Attacks, and the Paranormal, because both domains involve judging unto the expulsion and destruction of evil works.

This thread is co-authored, T.J. (Jurist),  Inigo auto-da-fé (SJ), Anon/LOE and student contributions.

Expected mastery of the Book of Judges itself:  study, do not just read, study this book daily.

Also mandatory, the “Book of Judges” materials by Oxford University Press.

Mandatory, are our explicit conversations, focused prayers, service reports, testimonies of our casework and missions in the field, with testing all things in back and forth conversations and questions, and more prayer.

Perkoran,  “Inanna’s Descent: A Sumerian Tale of Injustice.”

Added required, (Ancient Israel) Robert Alter, The Former Prophets: Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings: A Translation with Commentary.

And (en deux temps, trois mouvements, il a désarmé!, ACS/JR), the following three sources are not mandatory, but highly recommended:

This is not an academic discussion.

Bring field testimonies.

Bring recorded prayers and answers.

Bring new prayers.

Public comments are allowed in the comment boxes below.

Confidential and HIPPA privacy protected for applied case facts, detailed prayers, extended service reports and hard questions are here:  Book of Judges: Dissensus, Judgment, Justice, Warfare

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3 thoughts on “Book of Judges: Dissensus, Judgment, Justice, Warfare”

  1. This is none too difficult. It is the working with Jedburgh/SOESM and he is saying to us in groups, these systems are the systems of God wanting the Judges.

    God is not wanting the kings, to see it this way. We are free to disagree, he is just asking us to see it through, this way.

    The way I see is it is a lot of pressure on the Judges not to take the bribes of the big kings of the Assyrians, Babylon, Persians, who just come and kill you. They set up a new one. It is their version of covenant-love.

    You still have the Egyptians, they are still around. The Nubians are all over. They just keep coming back. They are hungry.

    Then you are adding the Hittites, they are nowhere, and they are everywhere in the big money trades with Asia, Mesopotamia, Iran, even Europe, all the metals of war, the copper, silver, iron, and they had their money in the textiles and the jewelries, they could buy off almost any judges.

    This is what I see.

    It was the custom.

    Who would want this job?

  2. They do not know where to go in the time of Judges.

    They do not know where the Judges are coming from!

    They are calling these armies against them as Carthage, yet it is the same as the Phoenicians and Canaanites, one common heritage.

    All they did was hire the mercenaries and murderers.

    This is who came for the judges.

    The ones from Carthage and Canaan, they went up and got the Iberians, Balearists, and some Celtics.

    The earliest French in Gaul did not fight very well.

    Canaanites got some Sicilians, Italians, Greeks, but these wanted the land deals. This is asking for a fight, do you want to stay around and defend it? Every army goes through there.

    The Numidians and Libyans were harder to control and they always wanted to go home, lazy. Phoenicians and Canaanites did not pay them enough. Numidians and Libyans took murder money. They would do nothing and cry, “forgive us our debts!” You want to pay them first and then chase them all over Africa?

    They would still bribe or murder the judges, it was something to do for a meal.

    They all look pretty much the same, don’t they, when they have their contract money, and are in a drunken frenzy to kill you, and come foaming at the mouth, ranting and whirling to kill you quick, so they can have you done, and go get their next day job in a fury?

    You can say you want to be a nice guy, how nice do you want to be?

    Caecilia is not the CelieHilbert, I am a student in honor of the name.

  3. Thank you for the email updates. The specific judgments for my family have endured. There is no remission and going back.

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