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Please pray.

Public readers, please see more details as first requested @ Liam/Norway (Registered Residency Student)

Registered Trainers and Students, please see the added details for more specific prayers:  d47435e7-cd4e-4e99-9b09-34401f466691


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Training Focus - General Contractor, sections of Walmarts, smaller industrial projects - training focus on training-mentoring other contractors, worksite crews with skilled trades, chain of supply in full-time prayer applied to projects ~ Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship, selective investment in local networks  small home churches ~ New Love Contract with Christus Victor and Satisfied.  I am a Presbyterian acolyte, assist in spiritual liberation, especially in workplaces.  I want to train everyday acolytes of ordinary men and women on the job at worksites to give liberation and Life though all spiritual gifts.  Building construction projects is not complete without building the spiritual House of God.  Construction is for the Common Good. Eternally.

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