Protected: RC455 – Spiritual Counseling, Prayer, and Cultural Psychiatry

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Episcopal Maenad/KAV

Training Focus ~ Clinical Psychotherapist (PhD) and Ordained Priest ~ Training in treating addictions and in spiritual discernment.  Maenads did not all remain drunken followers of drunken Dionysus. Some sobered up into prayer. Not AA. DA – Dionysians Anonymous ~ mentoring focus is in breaking addictions that have dark overlays – sexual madness-fertilities of demonia ~ ‘church’ as theater where Dionysians including Christians worship their worship as best ‘performance theater’ in town ~ Pan’s pandemics of religious ecstasies. With all the wrong spirits and reproducing all the wrong offspring. I love street ministry in teams more than in clinic because street manifestations are more random, robust, unrestrained, variable, and impossible than the filtered safety of clinics.  Lord save ~ Break bondages ~ Bless Bounties.