Good News makes good news

Thank God.

Our VPN encrypted, back-door protected, HIPPA level, world wide private server is up and running at highest grade levels, passed all levels of hard tests from all attacks.

We soon will have up and running all non-public back pages dedicated to full and free professional and vocational online prayers, for full consultations, for mutual wrestling, and password protected for our little online community requiring full time intercessory prayer in service and labor, registered users only.

Working still on multi-levels of registration for all different levels of user registration.  The lowest level (“subscriber”) for now permits reading only.  And commenting only in comments.  No editing.  No creating new “posts” and no new “pages.”  Comments allowed only in the existing comment form after existing posts and pages.

contributed by Inigo auto-da-fé (SJ), visiting Nairobi
reviewed by Jedburgh/SOESM, London


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