What does Ken Watanabe have to do with it? ~ woman crying in the park?

Asked our study group last night after taking our counseling outside of clinic to pray and meet people on the street?

There was a woman in the park.  Crying.  She could not talk.

No hints format.


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9 thoughts on “What does Ken Watanabe have to do with it? ~ woman crying in the park?”

  1. KAV – no hint format impassable for Elisha in double portion of ignorance.

    For those of us who do have commands, and each of us with different weapons to do so, for us to work with physical-form ephod equivalents in material labors, we could write for you an equation capable of dealing inside Central Park N.Y., with all women, then all crying women, then all crying women in your line of sight, then the specific non-talking, but crying woman who cannot testify to you specifically, in contrast to her testifying to someone other than you, because maybe you were not the ‘one’ (as in case of Elisha, because the crying woman did testify).

    There is a sadness here. The world in which we live has too few Ken Watanabe Samarais. Those who do exist in ninja-covert operations may have other mission priorities, so factor that. A certain sadness, she may be waiting for Godot?

    Ask Doc if this is a valid frequency form for severity of demonic possession or lesser forms of highly-aggravated moments, say obsessions?

    The problem that we have with these difficult cases is in the difference between clinical statistics as frequencies versus the stats as ‘beliefs.’

    Celie could chart this. She’s not buying the no hint format.

    My experience yesterday was not in a park. In receiving-prayers, “as many as received Him, to them gave he Power” (John 1:12), by Command yesterday to a specific location, for me to meet at that exact location (within three feet, plus six for social distancing, in a public place), a young woman wearing a P-57 Mustang face mask for Covid, and we had a conversation, in spontaneous Flow. She and her mask confirmed a repeating dream I have of P-57 Mustang fighter planes, and she confirmed the specific dog-fight that she is in, and she is very weary, and yet pursuing in her own fighter-pilot flights, and fights – because not all flights result in fights. Alas. This Divine Appointment resulted in mutual encouragement, movement and mutual Blessings, but only after obediences.

    I have no clue otherwise, despite and in prayers, for your crying woman.

  2. This woman needs someone to cry with her like Job’s friends cried with Job at first.

    She might be fine if Ken shows up as a silent ninja and feels her crying and goes to war with her as a silent Master alongside?

    I think Ken needs to hear her cries first?

  3. We never found out.

    She did not want us to leave her. She wanted us to stay. She just cried.

    ACS/JR, yes, double portion Elisha ignorance. Great story about the one you met with the P-57 Mustang face mask. Even a Covid face mask with a P-57 Mustang may have helped. I looked them up. I found one with the teeth. I will get one and wear it as a fashion statement!

    Sally, California, thank you. That’s my best guess.

    Celie∞Hilbert/CRH, feeling lonely, Cels? I’m here to help!

  4. Now Adele is being demonized for not being the woman crying in the park and just because she celebrated being a female and a woman.

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