Book of Judges: Dissensus, Judgment, Justice, Warfare

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By request of Michael (M.D.) and Episcopal Maenad/KAV, I am linking this thread about the Book of Judges to our missions on the streets, here:  “Underground Moebius ~ UM-86 ∩ Romans 8:6-8 ~ Pure Inductive Learning.”   ~ Admin PLB Accountant, R. Roma.

Michael (M.D.) is promising to make connections to the Book of Judges from his upcoming study of, Demonic Foes: My Twenty-Five Years as a Psychiatrist Investigating Possessions, Diabolic Attacks, and the Paranormal, because both domains involve judging unto the expulsion and destruction of evil works.

This thread is co-authored, T.J. (Jurist),  Inigo auto-da-fé (SJ), Anon/LOE and student contributions.

Expected mastery of the Book of Judges itself:  study, do not just read, study this book daily.

Also mandatory, the “Book of Judges” materials by Oxford University Press.

Mandatory, are our explicit conversations, focused prayers, service reports, testimonies of our casework and missions in the field, with testing all things in back and forth conversations and questions, and more prayer.

Perkoran,  “Inanna’s Descent: A Sumerian Tale of Injustice.”

Added required, (Ancient Israel) Robert Alter, The Former Prophets: Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings: A Translation with Commentary.

And (en deux temps, trois mouvements, il a désarmé!, ACS/JR), the following three sources are not mandatory, but highly recommended:

This is not an academic discussion.

Bring field testimonies.

Bring recorded prayers and answers.

Bring new prayers.

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Silence ~ and its Enemies

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Silence in Heaven (Revelation 8:1),

Just before God’s Big Rock came down (Revelation 18:21).

And silenced all our noise.


by email, Anon/LOE
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For Contractors ~ Spiritual Life and Liberation at the Worksite

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I am asking advice.  We are asking advice.

My current exchanges with students in training are all though the encrypted email carriers set up for us by Celie∞Hilbert/CRH.   These have worked well.

The students and I have limited all training and teamwork to face to face relationships at worksites, followed by encrypted emails for our mutual prayers and for our service projects.  I bless God that I am having no trouble getting crews.   The crews bless God for having work – “I have noticed one thing, at least, that is good.  It is good for people to eat, drink, and enjoy their work under the sun during the short life God has given them” (Ecclesiastes 5:18, Wise Crew Boss).

We are seeking advice on how to use this forum in a mixture of public, private, password protected, and sometimes encrypted pages?

This question is for general advice.  It is open to public readers.

I understand that approval of comments is needed from our admin, Admin PLB, R. Roma, who reviews comments before approving them.

The last few month has been my first time here.  I am still participating at ASTM associated websites that use private registrations.  They run a tight ship.

Our motivation for using a slightly more public and private mixed location is a simple desire that work crews and I share in common – to bless others.

Whatever blessings we get in refinement here will be passed along.

To bless the world.

Thanks in advance.

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Underground Moebius ~ UM-86 ∩ Romans 8:6-8 ~ Pure Inductive Learning

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Is this split reality by agreement?

How can some humans located in split reality maintain choice and agency even to the point of agreement to stay inside the split reality, while other humans have no choice and no apparent agency and appear as functional zombies in a quiet and peaceful state and without any of the troubles and torments that Michael (M.D) and Dr. Gallagher describe as features in the presentations of symptoms?

Michael and Dr. Gallagher suggest plotting this paradox as an intersection, ∩, in  a perimeteral mode of existence.   This mapping is a part of our mandatory introduction to the simplest forms of modal logic.  The modal logic is easy enough and useful.   The questions below are not a complaint against this part of our learning.

Michael and Dr. Gallagher suggest that a non-medical observer who is trained to observe at this fine level of detail can aid and assist a medical doctor, a counselor, an exorcist and psychiatrist (like Dr. Gallagher) in our testimonies that describe fine details about observed symptoms, toward a diagnosis.  They say we can help,  and more than we know.

If this is an intersection (∩) in modes due to a perimeteral mode, and is not a phase state as a function of time, since phases regularly are time states in patient-subject histories suffering any malady,  then what human agency causes or cooperates to cause the change in phase as a function of time, or instead, to cause a change as a non-time mode in a plane of existence that we have been taught to observe?

There is a practical value in helping people out of maladies,  but we are being asked to plot this value as a function of human agency, choice.

What is this?  How do we do our part?

Inigo auto-da-fé (SJ) and T.J. (Jurist) both introduced us to 500 phase states of matter.

They said these 500 states are measures of complexity in legion states as legion manifestations.

Both of them have taught us that we miss all the early and subtle warning signs.  They gave sample testimonies to illustrate the subtle signs that we miss, but that can be observed with training.  They both taught us for now in our introductions at these early stages not to consider ‘entanglement’ because entangled properties and states are more confusing than helpful.

This strong warning against jumping too soon to entanglement came most helpfully as we read together, Dr. Gallagher’s book, Demonic Foes: My Twenty-Five Years as a Psychiatrist Investigating Possessions, Diabolic Attacks, and the Paranormal.

We are to stay closer to mechanical functions.  We are to watch observable systems.  We are to use our ordinary senses.  Exactly as in the training video.  Followed by our outings on the streets.  Inigo auto-da-fé (SJ) and T.J. (Jurist)  pressed us to see ordinary mechanics at levels of our ordinary senses, as modes of agency.

I am stuck.

What is the function of human agency?  Where is human agency?  If human agency is isolated outside of time, so there is no agency that changes phase-states, and if we are confined to some weird intersection at the mechanical perimeters of split realities in the mandatory training video we watched, and in the impossible street exercises that we did together, then okay.

Under these fair, but very hard limits, I still cannot find human agency?

Now, thanks to all this training, we are looking at functional zombies, in quiet and peaceful states, without any of the troubles and torments that Michael (M.D) and Dr. Gallagher describe as features that demand compassion, and are features in the presentations of symptoms?  I do not even know how to frame questions about agency? – choice? – and agreement? – in this plane of existence in the first place?

@ Dylan Carnegie Mellon (Registered Residency Student)

NOTE by T.J. (Jurist) — see the important study and prayer note, down below.

I am not going to try and rescue Dylan and Martin 95, below.

Dylan’s question has been elevated from a comment to a larger question worthy of a post.

This new post combines with an earlier post by Martin 95 (Registered Residency Student), see QH447 – Map of 4,246 Microorganisms Found in Subways all around the World.

All comments contributed under either of these two locations will be comments moved back and attributed to themes under this post by Dylan and Martin 95 combined.

Study and pray about these two posts in conjunction.

These two posts may be elevated again, up to pages, and up again, and given branching hierarchies of page-trees.

Both of these students ask very hard questions.

Dylan and Martin 95 have already worked hands-on in a half-score of these very hard cases. They have observed severe symptoms. They have faced physical threats. They have been in danger of bodily harm.

They have been in it in armies of Davids.

As noted in the header, this is about Pure Inductive Learning.

Perhaps not pure enough for purists of induction.

Plenty Pure enough for here and now.

Life dumps a sewer load of confusion on us – while we watch others’ suffering.

We are not sure where to look up any source of objective help.

We sense that objective teaching or objective peers may help us from the outside.

We are stuck inside our known and practiced vocations.  We can be isolated from the scriptures that we have loved.

We get shot into these inductive experiences.  Even if we feel that some teaching ‘out there’ might help us sort these messes out, we are not sure where to find it.

Help can feel more and more ‘way out there.’

In the case of our favorite scriptures that we have long loved, we are not sure which scriptures apply,  how, and in what limits?  Because the scriptures expressly tell us that God will do and allow things that are not even written in the scriptures, and since we do not know what we are observing here and now,  we wonder how, how much, and just which beloved scriptures might help us at all?  And when?

Or, are all the thousands of scriptures telling about one human failure after another human, are those the scriptures that are for us?

Pure inductive learning is the most difficult and most time and resource consuming mode of learning.  With Legions of Difficulties.

The bottomless of this pit is that we do not even know which lessons we are supposed to learn.

Induction is the one mode most tempting us to quit – to see life as nothing more than taking a beating.  Over and again.

Job’s wife said to Job, “curse God and die” (Job 2:9)


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QA76 ~ Professional Lab, Tech, Brute Force Complex Testing Done … hacking attempt results & confidence levels … site set private, public, password protected

Results distributed to registered users by encrypted email.

contributed by Jedburgh/SOESM, from London  – May 30, 2021, June 17, 2021
peer reviewed by Episcopal Maenad/KAV
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All Commons Accountability ~ all collaborations, missions, cases, full-time prayers and results

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The word commons may be misleading.

It applies only to registered full-time trainers and students who are commonly praying together, studying, and working as teams in missions in the world.

This includes our common experimental use of SNOMED case management software, and supported integration in Sagenda Timekeeping, a set-page app at the following pages for recording subject matters matched to practices and procedures for our missions

Common records are registered, indexed, and confidentiality and HIPPA privacy protected here:

All Commons  ~ all collaborations, missions, cases, full-time intercessions

All Judgments – and Effects after Intercessions and Interventions

Important, see also, Struck Dead – Acts 5:1-11

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All Strong Men come Forward ~ to the front of the aircraft

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Please see the excellent exchanges in all the comments at “Consented consent? ~ open question, to mentors, students, passers by.”

The comment by Cynthia, N.Y.,  June 13, 2021 at 3:51 pm, is a timely note about the reported request aboard the Delta flight bound for Atlanta.

“We would like all strong males to come to the front of the aircraft to handle a problem passenger.

See the history of comments about these strong men.

This is the question that we are covering in our private pages with vigorous discussions in our studies of Dr. Richard Gallagher’s book, Demonic Foes: My Twenty-Five Years as a Psychiatrist Investigating Possessions, Diabolic Attacks, and the Paranormal.

These private pages are password protected because we are collaborating and praying in great detail about our cases, some of which are misdiagnosed until we receive many corrections, and until we finally get our diagnoses and responses just right.

Inigo auto-da-fé (SJ) noted how young psychologists can get killed doing this work of exorcism by trusting in clinical counseling.  This observation by Inigo is not new.  It is an ancient observation.  It is in line with the Gallagher book.

Even in our own mentoring and learning, we sometimes must move highly educated and competent counselors and newly learning psychiatrists to a safe  background, sometimes as observers of hundreds of cases until they gain maturity, “until we all meet into the unity of faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect [mature] man, unto the measure of the age of the fulness of Christ” (Ephesians 4:13).

I want only to call attention now, as cases in the mission fields show too, that the victims of demon possession may also get killed by our immature trust in psychology and psychiatry.

We pray, and God demands, the best of both worlds, mature workers with spiritual discernment long tuned and long practiced under mature discipleship, and always aligned whenever possible with necessary diagnoses in best clinical sciences.

This maturity comes by working in hundreds of cases.

We must remember that it is the suffering victims of our foolish trust who may get killed by our many follies, thinking we are strong.

by Michael (M.D.)
approved, edited Admin PLB Accountant
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AS1-945SM – Are Bivocational Clergy Becoming a New Norm?


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contributed by ACS/JR, member SSSR – ref. vocational practices of ‘clergy’ 

Republished by Inigo auto-da-fé (SJ), and member of JSTOR.  Republished in regard to many questions about full-time intercessory prayer as a full-time vocation, and as calling in the Holy Spirit, known and practiced throughout history.

Compare below on how full-time intercessory prayer is interwoven into this subject matter.

We don’t want to violate copyrights.  I (ACS/JR) no longer email requests as I did in 2012-2019 to Ref: 1436F92C-1EAB-4914-97AE-5149526A3B79. 

See the new end-note annotations that apply this study to our work, here – May 28, 2021.


Transitions in the American religious landscape including religious nonaffiliation, congregational and seminary enrollment declines, and the proliferation of megachurches have reshaped the clergy labor market and increased the precariousness of this type of work. One potential indication of this growing instability is the supposedly increasing number of bivocational clergy who depend on a second job to supplement their income. There are few reliable data, however, that can trace out national-level trends of bivocational clergy. Using the Current Population Survey, this study tests whether there has been any proportional increase in bivocational clergy and to what extent such an increase has been localized to certain groups. We find that the percentage of clergy who report having a second job has not increased since 1996. However, clergy who are female, unmarried, or working in the American northeast are increasingly likely to report working a second job. These trends suggest that clergy who receive  occupational advantages—due to gender or marital status—or who live in highly religious/low cost-of-living regions of the country may be protected from taking on a second job whereas those clergy without these advantages increasingly must depend on additional sources of income. 

Keywords: clergy, vocation, gender, occupation

Our Annotations (not parts of the study above)

The units of measurement in the scalars above may not be consistent with the metrics published by George Barna, in his measures for discerning full-time, 100% sold-out commitments, or ‘Revolution-commitments’ in his book, “Revolution,” in contrast to what Barna identifies/measures in lukewarm, half-commitments, and with Barna attracting occasional ire from big church pastors.

Barna contrasts revolution commitments as sold-out and full commitments as against lukewarm, easy, safe, commitments of people of faith either as church members in box-churches, or outside of them, all across the U.S.

This newer SSSR study above targets ordained clergy.  It explores factors (factor analyses, defined or proposed?) for the perceived necessity of bi-vocational sources of income.  The focus is fair and important.

I (ACS/JR) am studying whether the study above might be cross-correlated to full-time work already being done by students here in their full-time so-called secular work, but who are seeking the Holy Spirit (Acts 2) to infuse and own their daily practices?

For example. even if we stick with valid short and simple (clean) heuristics alone, and without formal statistics, then what differences really exist between bi-vocational ordained clergy in the study above, and the full-time students and mentors here, doing full-time work in so-called ‘secular’ skilled vocations, trades, and professions, when we conform to the Holy Spirit poured out on us (Acts chapters, 1, 2, and whole book of Acts)?

Are such short and simple decision-making steps (heuristics) really any more complicated than the learned steps in fishing used by ordinary fishermen, like Peter?

What side of the boat produced Peter’s best catch?

This is a trick question – be careful.

Since Barna’s metrics focus on degrees of sold-outness and degrees of commitment unto revolution, contrasted against degrees of lukewarmness in church-member covenants for mediocrity (let-the-pastor-do-it … we already pay him … and we pay him enough, that he does not need to be bi-vocational .. that is what we pay him for … so let the pastor do it“) —  praise-loving pastors, according to previous SSSR, Hartford, ATS (and other funded studies to be published in the future on pastoral bankruptcies) — some praise-loving pastors fall for this line of pastor-elevated reasoning — “I am up here … you are down there below … we call this ‘the priesthood of all believers’ … with me above … and all other believers, namely, you-all down below me” — and no, I am not practicing Voltaire satire because these satires and parodies are already embedded in the fact-based statistics.

On my end, I  take the formal metrics necessary for hard-studies, for case-studies for work that we do outside of box-churches, the kind of statistics (beyond valid snap-judgment heuristics), and the measures that we need for rigorous studies of service in the work-a-day fields of life, the practical measures of boots on the ground effectiveness, on the streets, in private homes, in businesses, that today we are doing in contemporary underground railroad services of all kinds –  I take the necessary measures (statistics) required to measure works of good-faith in the world, to require formal statistics that are non-parametric.


Very expensive.

Our unjustified hostility against statistical studies today is based on ignorance of the “Book of Numbers.”  This book was ‘purposed’ for the purpose of going to war.  It was a war census.  And now the condition because – an extremely lesser percentage of the total number of those actually numbered in the “Book of Numbers” actually showed up for war, and actually went to warthe greater percentage wandered 40 years — with their names written in the Book!  Even more expensive! – 40 years wandering, a lifetime.

An ultimate expense.

We are automatically now dealing with – statistics.  Partial knowledge.  We are not omniscient.  Welcome to the use of statistics.  God was not fooled.  God numbers.

Our hostilities against statistical studies, and what cautionary or encouraging tales that statistics may tell us, our hostility against such hard-studies shows another ‘measure’ – of our wandering.   Today.

To answer the trick question above.  The question is not “on what side of the boat” (a parametric) – but in what mode – was Peter’s best catch of fish?

St. Peter’s boat and Boat is a parameter.  Begging pardon for my double meaning regarding St. Peter’s boat-Boat, in begged pardons from my Catholic brothers and sisters, but I was taught by one of the beloved-best to tease this in history (not in clinical stats), namely, Jeffrey Burton Russell,  see, “History of Medieval Christianity: Prophecy & Order,” (1968, 1986, 2000), on these tensions in history.

The question about Peter’s boat and Boat sets a false parameter.

It’s a parametric question – and the misleading answer can be measured parametrically.

No harm in trying.  Maybe returning some useful results.   For those who like this sort of question.  We need such question-askers all around.

For Peter’s biggest catch – it’s not about the side of the boat or Boat, but about the mode of action – the mode of Peter’s action was non-parametric.

Expensive.  Very expensive.  See the lifetime expensive costs of wandering in the wilderness – with our names written in the books – wandering for 40 years, above.  At least in his catch in this case, St. Peter – obeyed.

His mode was obedience.

Hate to say.  Rejoice to say.  And this part of the comment is no Voltaire parody.  And even if it were, I know Catholics who love Voltaire.   Some come out and — confess — it!   Confess, you Cretans.

Or is this a Voltaire parody and satire?

Consider.  Reverend Thomas Bayes, an ordained Presbyterian minister, never published and only kept quiet his most famous statistical revelation, and a revolution for statistics too, “Bayes’ theorem.”  It has use for studying all kinds of things – in the commons of the world.  Not just for studying religion.  These measures are valuable for practical care in “false positives,” and “false negatives,” in clinical measurements – of all kinds. We today are dependent on Bayes and his devotional statistics, for much of what we do – when we really ‘care.’  Some who loved Thomas Bayes found his stashed-away notes, after his death.   Never published.  Private devotions?

Private devotions?  I know a few statisticians, and gifted, God-called businessmen and women too, who muster forward statistics showing (‘tending to show’) that mathematicians among all natural scientists have the highest percentages of belief in God.

Was Bayes in private devotion? – when he scribbled his statistical revelations?

What about Kekule (more about Kekule, later)?

Now with St. Peter, to ‘catch’ the serious question — do we really know what counts as private devotions before God, to a statistician? – to a fisherman-in-the-fishing-business, using a short-and-simple obedience (heuristic of obedience) and experiencing a full catch of Success and Prosperity?

Fool that I am, I’ve wondered what the Bayesian probability was that Bayes’ private notes would be found after his death?

Just found?

Then, published?

To Bless the entire clinical, scientific, and the business-public world?

Before a knee-jerk answer saying how easy it might have been for the bi-vocational fisherman, Peter (back to the theme of bi-vocational clergy) to catch Peter’s biggest catch of fish – before a knee-jerk answer,  “oh!, that was not expensive for Peter – Peter’s biggest catch was easy!” – I confess in my public confessional here, I too want easy for me – and now! — but, before answering.

By what was Peter, Caught?

Consider the Cost.


submitted by ACS/JR, SSSR member – updated May 28, 2021
© revised, Inigo auto-da-fé (SJ), JSTOR member, republish June 22, 2021